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This article talks about how leadership and problem-solving have to change when the challenges are network challenges:


I haven't read the entire article due to its military focus, which is a little off-putting and can sometimes glorify militarism, but I noticed its mention of networks: "Defeating a networked problem like the coronavirus demands a similar networked response."

Integrative creativity and individual improvisation are key, along with robust communication, for any "networked" task.  Are these not fundamentally aesthetic capabilities?  I would argue yes they are, as well as being characteristic of what is called "general intelligence" or G.  They are crucial to all network tasks, including art, science, culture, medicine, economics, environmental protection, you name it.  They are central to all net behavior.

Specialization, hyper-expertise, micro-control, and design itself can only get you so far.  They offer diminishing returns as complexity increases.  Now we would do well to think differently.  This can be a transformative time of learning, but arguably not without a profound re-definition of art and literature in a context that integrates all disciplines and spheres of human knowledge in new ways, better aligning them to the challenges ahead.

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