[NetBehaviour] sandhill cranes in mist

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The cranes are fantastic and enviable Alan!  Ancient symbols of longevity.

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sandhill cranes in mist


the surreal trip continues with rare moments of beauty, eleven to
twelve thousand sandhill cranes gathered in farmers' fields in the
mist in the almost dawn, japanese screens of almost dusk, new calls
we never heard before. we were there a long time, remembering
beauty, against the rumors of borders closing, older folk not
allowed out, anger and hatreds on the fringe, incompetence from
above. we learned that there will be three- to five-hundred-
thousand cranes gathering from the south, that nebraska is the only
state that protects them. but there they were, so much wisdom.

the rumors abound and we do our best as we travel, now in aurora,
colorado, to ward off fear, our own anxiety generators at variance
with just about everything. sleepless nights, even when the cranes
are flying, even when their calls of communality come forth.

they hint at an earlier earth, before anyone human was present, as
if a primordial humanism had nothing to do with us. not nature red
in tooth or claw or anything at all, but so many biomes, so many
surviving in the midst, in the mist, here and now, in the fields.

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