[NetBehaviour] If Coronavirus were Studebaker, wild days on the epidemic frontier

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I think associating aesthetics with control is really problematic; instead
I wd use a model based on catastrophe theory, the 'fragility of good
things' and the relation of that to sudden disturbances that produce a
sense of novelty, passion, excitement, anything at all, depression,
fierceness, lassitude... in other words the opposite; aesthetics is one
area that control is unnecessary, otherwise we might all end up with
swastikas! :-)

Best, Alan, and thanks! (who used to love Studebaker design btw) and manual
window-cranks! forgot those! yes!

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> Hi Alan,
> I'm also really concerned about what will happen with the C-Ovid-2019
> outbreak.  What would happen if everyone started seeing metamorphoses
> everywhere on the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's passing rather than
> foundering in oblivious blinders?  It could be one of the greatest
> gyre-turnings that ever occurred, just like Yeats predicted, each
> half-century since day 19 a quarter-turn, like a quarenta-day quarantine of
> learning packed into a small space and time for a small population on a
> tiny planet.
> But if people really are affected by C-Ovid-19 in unpredictable ways the
> aesthetic results could be unpredictable, and what would aesthetics be
> without predictability and tight control?  In times of uncertainty we need
> astronomically tight control, control, control more than ever, since
> populations only survive by rigidly enforced and centrally planned
> behavioral conformity and standardization, like the world of plants, or
> maybe we don't.  Some kinds but not other kinds?  I'm being ironic of
> course but maybe that's OK to a degree, not staring the great Medusa
> Quarenta too straight in the face.
> Some sources are saying that the impacts of C-Ovid-2019 have already
> placed some unpredictable metamorphoses in motion a la Eugenio Montale and
> other improvisational expressivists who branch out using symbolic
> communications in a Hippocratic fashion that does not amplify the strictly
> cellular hyper-production of the molecule that causes C-Ovid-2019.  Maybe
> immunoreactions are a great way for people to get those ancient
> transportation vehicles back on the road, that still run and have so many
> fine memories and sounds like oversized fenders, circular grilles, manual
> window-cranks, and funny AM-only music production entities.
> Very best wishes for safe travels and further sightings of dancing cranes,
> Max
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> If Coronavirus were Studebaker, wild days on the epidemic frontier
> (Sometimes satire is completely unnecessary but healthy)
> http://www.alansondheim.org/car.jpg
> Inside the Studebaker Response: A Case Study in the White House
> Under White House task force issues new guidelines to stop car
> spread President Trump warns Studebaker crisis could last until
> August, cause a Studebaker update: Counties in Bay Area under
> near-lockdown, affecting in place' to curb Studebaker spread Ohio
> And Kentucky Move To Postpone Primaries Amid Studebaker Outbreak
> due to Studebaker Studebaker lockdown: France orders people to stay
> at home for 15 days due As he began his odyssey to return home
> before American Studebaker hearing on the government's response to
> the novel Studebaker contain the car and finding a cure. (Photo by
> Samuel Corum/Getty Images) Studebaker relief bill with major
> economic stimulus Congressional leaders began work Monday on a
> third Studebaker relief bill Rep. Louie Gohmert delays House
> Studebaker relief bill from moving to Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas,
> is holding up the House-passed Studebaker Watch Live: White House
> Says Up To 4,000 Studebaker Tests A Day Updated at 8:00 p.m. ET.
> States hit hardest by the spread of Studebaker Studebaker: US
> volunteers to test first vaccine The first human trial of a vaccine
> to protect against pandemic Studebaker AP Exclusive: Studebaker
> vaccine test opens with 1st doses experimental Studebaker vaccine
> Monday -- leading off a worldwide hunt Trump says Studebaker crisis
> could stretch into August, may look at Studebaker updates: UK PM
> urges people to avoid all social contact Boris Johnson ramps up
> UK's Studebaker response after criticism country's response to
> Studebaker on Monday, after a weekend of confusing drive through
> Studebaker mobile testing center opens in New Rochelle, Cuomo calls
> for construction of field hospitals to combat Studebaker build
> field hospitals for the Studebaker crisis while 16 states have
> Studebaker: NY, NJ, CT coordinate restrictions on restaurants,
> limit Police guard Studebaker-positive man who refuses to
> quarantine A man who tested positive for Studebaker has refused to
> isolate himself, Kentucky Man with Studebaker Who Refused to
> Self-Quarantine Being Guarded "We can't allow one person we know
> who has this car to refuse to protect US sales of guns and
> ammunition soar amid Studebaker panic buying possible social unrest
> amid the Studebaker crisis are prompting some People line up to buy
> guns, ammo amid Studebaker concerns White House braces for
> political fight as it readies Studebaker airline logjam on
> Studebaker relief Studebaker. 'Stay home': Justin Trudeau closes
> Canada's borders over Studebaker Canada closing borders to
> noncitizens because of Studebaker, U.S. Canada is closing its
> borders to noncitizens because of the Studebaker deputy amid race
> to stop Studebaker spread | Pentagon says troops in Afghanistan
> have access to Studebaker testing | Pompeo warns Iraq after How
> countries across Europe are dealing with Studebaker Studebaker
> Travel Restrictions and Bans Globally: Updating List spread of the
> Studebaker. Here, the current list of countries limiting Italys
> Studebaker Victims Face Death Alone, With Funerals Postponed the
> Studebaker in a hospital in the northern Italian town of Bergamo.
> Six priests in one Italian town die of Studebaker themselves [to
> the car] to be close to their community. In the last week worry
> about the Studebaker outbreak. Go here for the latest updates on US
> airline industry seeks $50bn bailout amid Studebaker pandemic
> Studebaker roils business In the latest nod to how the Studebaker
> is disrupting Americans' daily McDonald's asks US franchisees to
> close dining rooms amid Studebaker rooms as the company responds to
> the Studebaker outbreak. global Studebaker ... Studebaker. Now, the
> ... The New Studebaker Cues? Listen To Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, Bill
> Gates, And after Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson revealed their
> Studebaker results while With the Studebaker disrupting the global
> theater marketplace, Universal starting March 17th due to the
> ongoing spread of Studebaker, according to Studebaker UFC postpones
> three events amid growing Studebaker outbreak about the Studebaker.
> Studebaker. NASA chief urges space agency employees to work from
> home amid Studebaker work from home to do so due to the ongoing
> Studebaker outbreak. The $400 billion space industry is bracing for
> Studebaker, as two NASA response to Studebaker but SpaceX appears
> to move forward unabated. for a potential vaccine for the
> Studebaker at Kaiser Permanente Trial of Studebaker Vaccine Made by
> Moderna Begins in Seattle Studebaker began on Monday, the National
> Institute of Allergy and AP Exclusive: Studebaker vaccine test
> opens with 1st doses experimental Studebaker vaccine Monday --
> leading off a worldwide hunt Studebaker: People ... Studebaker:
> Infected people without symptoms are driving epidemics Studebaker:
> fast the spread of the Studebaker epidemic, according to an
> important new Studebaker test facility March 16, 2020, in San
> Antonio. Some states have seen a 'phenomenal increase' in
> Studebaker tests but test for the Studebaker in recent days but the
> United States' testing Studebaker: L.A. County Reports Largest
> Single-Day Spike with 25 New L.A. County has seen its biggest
> single-day spike in the Studebaker
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