[NetBehaviour] If Coronavirus were Studebaker, wild days on the epidemic frontier

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Excellent, thanks; I also noticed this:
" What they found was that each neuron is surrounded by roughly a dozen
neighbors similar to itself, but that interspersed among them are other
kinds of neurons. This unique arrangement means that no single neuron sits
flush against its twin, while still allowing different types of
complementary neurons to be close enough to work together to complete
and naturally thought of Furtherfield and DIWO!
Best!, Alan

On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 2:25 PM Max Herman <maxnmherman at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Oh gosh my irony suspension (leaf-springs) are so rusty!  I meant what you
> said about control; in most cases it is the worst possible adaptation, to
> be used with great caution, in emergencies only!  🙂
> I like this article from today about how neurons keep a diverse dance
> going amongst their circles, in the mist so to say:
> https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/03/200312101048.htm
> The link has a nicely poetic summation:
> "Life is rife with patterns. It's common for living things to create a
> repeating series of similar features as they grow: think of feathers that
> vary slightly in length on a bird's wing or shorter and longer petals on a
> rose."
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> I think associating aesthetics with control is really problematic; instead
> I wd use a model based on catastrophe theory, the 'fragility of good
> things' and the relation of that to sudden disturbances that produce a
> sense of novelty, passion, excitement, anything at all, depression,
> fierceness, lassitude... in other words the opposite; aesthetics is one
> area that control is unnecessary, otherwise we might all end up with
> swastikas! :-)
> Best, Alan, and thanks! (who used to love Studebaker design btw) and
> manual window-cranks! forgot those! yes!
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2020 at 2:06 PM Max Herman via NetBehaviour <
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> Hi Alan,
> I'm also really concerned about what will happen with the C-Ovid-2019
> outbreak.  What would happen if everyone started seeing metamorphoses
> everywhere on the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's passing rather than
> foundering in oblivious blinders?  It could be one of the greatest
> gyre-turnings that ever occurred, just like Yeats predicted, each
> half-century since day 19 a quarter-turn, like a quarenta-day quarantine of
> learning packed into a small space and time for a small population on a
> tiny planet.
> But if people really are affected by C-Ovid-19 in unpredictable ways the
> aesthetic results could be unpredictable, and what would aesthetics be
> without predictability and tight control?  In times of uncertainty we need
> astronomically tight control, control, control more than ever, since
> populations only survive by rigidly enforced and centrally planned
> behavioral conformity and standardization, like the world of plants, or
> maybe we don't.  Some kinds but not other kinds?  I'm being ironic of
> course but maybe that's OK to a degree, not staring the great Medusa
> Quarenta too straight in the face.
> Some sources are saying that the impacts of C-Ovid-2019 have already
> placed some unpredictable metamorphoses in motion a la Eugenio Montale and
> other improvisational expressivists who branch out using symbolic
> communications in a Hippocratic fashion that does not amplify the strictly
> cellular hyper-production of the molecule that causes C-Ovid-2019.  Maybe
> immunoreactions are a great way for people to get those ancient
> transportation vehicles back on the road, that still run and have so many
> fine memories and sounds like oversized fenders, circular grilles, manual
> window-cranks, and funny AM-only music production entities.
> Very best wishes for safe travels and further sightings of dancing cranes,
> Max
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> *Subject:* [NetBehaviour] If Coronavirus were Studebaker, wild days on
> the epidemic frontier
> If Coronavirus were Studebaker, wild days on the epidemic frontier
> (Sometimes satire is completely unnecessary but healthy)
> http://www.alansondheim.org/car.jpg
> Inside the Studebaker Response: A Case Study in the White House
> Under White House task force issues new guidelines to stop car
> spread President Trump warns Studebaker crisis could last until
> August, cause a Studebaker update: Counties in Bay Area under
> near-lockdown, affecting in place' to curb Studebaker spread Ohio
> And Kentucky Move To Postpone Primaries Amid Studebaker Outbreak
> due to Studebaker Studebaker lockdown: France orders people to stay
> at home for 15 days due As he began his odyssey to return home
> before American Studebaker hearing on the government's response to
> the novel Studebaker contain the car and finding a cure. (Photo by
> Samuel Corum/Getty Images) Studebaker relief bill with major
> economic stimulus Congressional leaders began work Monday on a
> third Studebaker relief bill Rep. Louie Gohmert delays House
> Studebaker relief bill from moving to Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas,
> is holding up the House-passed Studebaker Watch Live: White House
> Says Up To 4,000 Studebaker Tests A Day Updated at 8:00 p.m. ET.
> States hit hardest by the spread of Studebaker Studebaker: US
> volunteers to test first vaccine The first human trial of a vaccine
> to protect against pandemic Studebaker AP Exclusive: Studebaker
> vaccine test opens with 1st doses experimental Studebaker vaccine
> Monday -- leading off a worldwide hunt Trump says Studebaker crisis
> could stretch into August, may look at Studebaker updates: UK PM
> urges people to avoid all social contact Boris Johnson ramps up
> UK's Studebaker response after criticism country's response to
> Studebaker on Monday, after a weekend of confusing drive through
> Studebaker mobile testing center opens in New Rochelle, Cuomo calls
> for construction of field hospitals to combat Studebaker build
> field hospitals for the Studebaker crisis while 16 states have
> Studebaker: NY, NJ, CT coordinate restrictions on restaurants,
> limit Police guard Studebaker-positive man who refuses to
> quarantine A man who tested positive for Studebaker has refused to
> isolate himself, Kentucky Man with Studebaker Who Refused to
> Self-Quarantine Being Guarded "We can't allow one person we know
> who has this car to refuse to protect US sales of guns and
> ammunition soar amid Studebaker panic buying possible social unrest
> amid the Studebaker crisis are prompting some People line up to buy
> guns, ammo amid Studebaker concerns White House braces for
> political fight as it readies Studebaker airline logjam on
> Studebaker relief Studebaker. 'Stay home': Justin Trudeau closes
> Canada's borders over Studebaker Canada closing borders to
> noncitizens because of Studebaker, U.S. Canada is closing its
> borders to noncitizens because of the Studebaker deputy amid race
> to stop Studebaker spread | Pentagon says troops in Afghanistan
> have access to Studebaker testing | Pompeo warns Iraq after How
> countries across Europe are dealing with Studebaker Studebaker
> Travel Restrictions and Bans Globally: Updating List spread of the
> Studebaker. Here, the current list of countries limiting Italys
> Studebaker Victims Face Death Alone, With Funerals Postponed the
> Studebaker in a hospital in the northern Italian town of Bergamo.
> Six priests in one Italian town die of Studebaker themselves [to
> the car] to be close to their community. In the last week worry
> about the Studebaker outbreak. Go here for the latest updates on US
> airline industry seeks $50bn bailout amid Studebaker pandemic
> Studebaker roils business In the latest nod to how the Studebaker
> is disrupting Americans' daily McDonald's asks US franchisees to
> close dining rooms amid Studebaker rooms as the company responds to
> the Studebaker outbreak. global Studebaker ... Studebaker. Now, the
> ... The New Studebaker Cues? Listen To Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, Bill
> Gates, And after Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson revealed their
> Studebaker results while With the Studebaker disrupting the global
> theater marketplace, Universal starting March 17th due to the
> ongoing spread of Studebaker, according to Studebaker UFC postpones
> three events amid growing Studebaker outbreak about the Studebaker.
> Studebaker. NASA chief urges space agency employees to work from
> home amid Studebaker work from home to do so due to the ongoing
> Studebaker outbreak. The $400 billion space industry is bracing for
> Studebaker, as two NASA response to Studebaker but SpaceX appears
> to move forward unabated. for a potential vaccine for the
> Studebaker at Kaiser Permanente Trial of Studebaker Vaccine Made by
> Moderna Begins in Seattle Studebaker began on Monday, the National
> Institute of Allergy and AP Exclusive: Studebaker vaccine test
> opens with 1st doses experimental Studebaker vaccine Monday --
> leading off a worldwide hunt Studebaker: People ... Studebaker:
> Infected people without symptoms are driving epidemics Studebaker:
> fast the spread of the Studebaker epidemic, according to an
> important new Studebaker test facility March 16, 2020, in San
> Antonio. Some states have seen a 'phenomenal increase' in
> Studebaker tests but test for the Studebaker in recent days but the
> United States' testing Studebaker: L.A. County Reports Largest
> Single-Day Spike with 25 New L.A. County has seen its biggest
> single-day spike in the Studebaker
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