[NetBehaviour] Cranes and Blackbirds

Alan Sondheim sondheim at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 18:56:57 CET 2020

Thank you, what we just saw, now, was an epiphany, a flock - *flock - *of
white pelicans over Colorado, where we are. I've seen pelicans on the west
coast of course and I think(?) in St. James Park, but never a flock before.
Their bills were enormous! They were oddly streamlined as well, even with
their more or less heavy bodies. We need these in our lives now; if there
weren't so much snow (from the blizzard) on the ground, we'd be out looking
for fungi, which are also around, stranger ones I mean. So the whole world
is buzzing but for the exception perhaps of these naked/clothed apes we are
suddenly worried about death and life's future.

The distance will always be there, the utterings perhaps fainter if
electronic/electric, but it's amazing how much life there is in the
apparent silence of the world. And yes, Annie Abrahams knows all of this,
making us aware as well.

Best, Alan

On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 11:34 AM Johannes Birringer <
Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk> wrote:

> yes, i agree wholeheartedly, thank you Alan for sending us these images,
> sounds, and your reflections
> on the cranes calling (to whom to they call) on these fields & the air
> over nebraska, and now you spotted the blackbirds
> in colorado, your missive from the nature lands out west are most welcome,
> and you do mention the current health crisis
> in the cranes post, the surreal lock-downs we experiences in the
> metropoles and states, the rising anxieties.
> I welcome the reports you send more and more, as I try to stem the tide of
> daily emergency messages
> (i only have wifi at the university office, so i sneak into forbidden
> lockdown buildings, along dark ghost corridors)
> to retrieve messages from management. students have dispersed, some
> apparently made it home before
> the borders of their countries closed.
> those of us who teach creative arts have been asked to become distanced
> digital teachers.
> we call out to the dispersed.
> we zoom. we may all have learnt a little from annie abrahams and her
> partners' 'distant feelings' and 'distant movements'....
> so glad i already got some practice with their sessions.
> distant utterings, here, how long will we able to sustain the distancing?
> warm regards
> Johannes Birringer
> dap-lab
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> Thank you so much!
> Best, Alan, hunkered down in a blizzardy Aurora, Colorado :-)
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