[NetBehaviour] Skyspheredeath

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Mar 22 16:43:54 CET 2020


https://youtu.be/1LmW-3l97Wo  VIDEO

No Heaven No Sky No Skysphere No Purification No Absolution
No Salvation No Withdrawal No Escape No Virus No Cleansing
. No Surface. Freefall. No Lack of Surface. No Rupture. No
Lack of Rupture. I Want my Body.


no heaven no sky no skysphere no purification no absolution
no salvation no withdrawal no escape no virus no cleansing
. no surface. freefall. no lack of surface. no rupture. no
lack of rupture. i want my body. i want my body back. i
don't want this supposed to be. i don't supposed to be. i'm
not being. i'm not being again. i'm not the journal of the
plague year. i'm not the plague. i'm not love in the time
of plague. i'm absolution. i'm purification. i'm salvation.
i'm withdrawal and a clean withdrawal at that. i'm drawl.
i'm in freefall tell the truth. i'm in mid-space. in cyber-
space there is no air. i refuse to stand. i'm not the fire
next time. i'm not the fire. i'm in mid-rapture. i'm not in
mid-body. i'm in better body. look i have needs. look i
have desires. i'm in the midst of desires. this space is a
vacuum. The Sky of this Space Ends at the Edges of the
Frame. i'm in inoculation. i'm in incubation. i'm in the
Sky. I'm write around you. I write you. I right you from
your Empty Sky. I refuse to accuse. i'm not the Plague.

I'm Skysphere Death.

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