[NetBehaviour] Furtherfield Podcast: News From Where We Are

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Mon Mar 23 16:01:35 CET 2020

Furtherfield Podcast: News From Where We Are

First broadcast Friday 10th April 2020. Interviews with Cassie
Thornton, Cade Diem & Joseph DeLappe. Contributions from Jaya Klara
Brekke, Régine DeBatty, Jeremy Height, and more...

A cultural discussion podcast grounded in news from where we are

We may be confined to our homes by the Coronavirus emergency but we
still have access to thriving networked cultures from around the
world. ‘News From Where We Are’ is hosted by Furtherfield’s Marc
Garrett, a conversation with many voices from the ground. The podcast
explores how the collaborative-imaginative fieldwork of artists,
techies and activists is informing how we organise, imagine and build
solidarity, good health and post-capitalist realities. Working
together and supporting others to do the same.

Send us stuff! (via this email)

We want short audio recordings in the style of local news headlines
(up to 90 seconds), about happening in your area of the world.
Including your name, where you are, and your news.

Every 2nd Friday, on Soundcloud.

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