[NetBehaviour] Thinkinging throughing Red-winging Blackbirding Callsing

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Mar 25 16:01:05 CET 2020

Thinkinging throughing Red-winging Blackbirding Callsing

https://youtu.be/dy4JOPTnXVw VIDEO (about 32 minutes)

Kepting returninging toing theing blackbirding areas,ing arounding
theing Auroraing Reservoiring ining Coloradoing, I'veing madeing
severaling reallying gooding sounding recordingsing, leavinging
theing Zooming H4ning ining variousing placesing anding movinging
awaying froming theing birdsing. Iing tooking theing resultinging
filesing anding processeding theming ating 24ing semitonesing
downinging thereing areing severaling versions,ing eaching withing
differenting sibilanting settingsing, etcing. Alling thising
materialing ising gathereding hereing includinging theing
originaling filesing ofing course,ing ining aing 32ing minuteing
videoing. Theing sounding ising aing .waving processeding ining
Auditioning, 48king; theing visualing ising aing smalling
samplinging ofing oneing ofing theing sitesing, sloweding uping
toing 2.7%ing theing originaling speeding. Thinking ofing iting
asing mediationing oring meditation.ing Theing spectruming
analysising doesing theing rest;ing aing loting ofing detailing
ising misseding ofing courseing ining justing listeninging, Buting
thening listeninging giveing theing affecting anding effecting
ofing languageing asing welling asing theing beginninging ofing
understandinging theing complexitying ofing theing socialing
callsing anding theing societying thating producesing themming,

meditateing theing fluiding architextures,ing Lebbeusing Woodsing
wding approveing, everythinging motileing, surrenderinging toing
theing vicissitudesing ofing the forminging weing livinging
withining, forminging ourselvesing, alwaysing theing gerunding


"It is what the music is without saying something without
cessation. It is what will continue and my own role in that
continuation is only that which have been artificially defined as a
segment. Set music that I do continues into just falling off or
falling away from its original production its original Self that
original Self is already a dissipation, a biome. I'm not saying
anything here or rather what I am saying is just in the middle of
not saying something else or not saying all together not saying
something all together it's just a sign and not saying something
else is already a division and inscription which decays into a
fssure. Which decays into a fissure. When I speak like this
momentarily all that happens is misrecognition. Things no longer
stop in their proper place nor do they have a proper place. To say
a bit or byte is in its proper place is to say nothing but
something that decays again into the lassitude of reverberation.
Into the lassitude of reverberation. It is what the music is,
always is sound the sounding and the gerund aspect of the world. A
sign is there for barter and a sign is there for exchange and they
sign is there for use. And a sign is there for for youth use. Not
for youth to talk like this is just to leave a moment not a minute.
You see I'm trying to find a way to avoid or obviate this speaking
of the finality of death. So the breathing doesn't work the way it
should. The breathing does something else and continues to do
something else until the breathing no longer does anything. And
what is that but a momentary pause a momentary image of a
cessation. And what comes after and before and throughout is a
murmur. Trying to find this way or that way of making sense of a
sense of falling. And then thinking about sound and what music
might mean as if it were everywhere and all the time universe or


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