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Hello Max, Aileen, Salvatore, Ruth, all,

I also want to thank Ruth for getting this thread started, and each of you
for sharing a bit of yourselves in it. It's been therapeutic and inspiring
to listen, and now to speak! Conversations like these matter, now more than
ever, in ways that really do go beyond words.

Like many other lifelong migrants and roamers of this earth, I'm based in a
central London under lockdown. I moved back here after some time away with
a surplus of barely-contained excitement a few months ago, overjoyed to be
in the thick of it all again, awash in humanity in its myriad diversities,
with all the adventures, community gatherings, raves, rabble-rousings and
other assorted encounters that would come with that. So it's been
especially difficult to witness so many of the wonderful cocoons of human
and other-than-human interaction that keep this city strange get shut down,
one by one - not to mention all the arts interventions and
community-buildings we had all been planning around and with them. I'm not
gonna lie - the process of absorbing this has been winding, slow, and
sometimes dark.

Embedded within this journey, however, have been so many glimmers of hope
in between all the zoom dance parties, covid-19 mutual aid groups and
crowdsourced community toolkits - and like many of you, I'm clutching onto
these, gathering them with extra care for the dark moments that are
inevitably ahead, to remind me of just how fluid and dynamic our world
really is -- and how its gradual re-assemblage post-catastrophe may enable,
as Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey and Michael Ruskin put it so prophetically in
2015 with the Killburn Manifesto [1], the emergence of 'cracks' in
long-dominant narratives, where the old atomised logics and ways-of-being
can be replaced gently-but-firmly with new ones that are rooted in much
deeper understandings of care, ecological interdependence and pluralism...

On that note, a very small contribution to this patchwork we're all
building - a toolkit for creatives who have to quickly migrate their work
online fast, and need some support in that process (feat. this discussion
list, amongst many other helpful spaces!). If anyone feels like mucking in,
please get in touch as I'd love to include you as a co-curator. We're
working on it here: <http://bit.ly/CovidCreativesToolkit>.

In solidarity, and keep em coming...


[1] free here: https://www.lwbooks.co.uk/soundings/kilburn-manifesto

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On Wed, 25 Mar 2020 at 14:59, Max Herman via NetBehaviour <
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> Hi Salvatore,
> I hope all is as well as can be with you and yours, and am glad to hear
> that your own health situation is OK.
> Your idea for a collaboration or collective product relating to "La Cura"
> and COVID-19 sounds very interesting.  I would definitely be interested,
> perhaps from a context of Italo Calvino's *Six Memos for the Next
> Millennium* and the below article on Hippocratic medicine and Greek
> tragedy.
> Another concept I have been developing is the idea of "Mindfulness Based
> Aesthetic Resilience" or MBAR as a meditation-oriented health intervention
> that emphasizes the aesthetic aspects of well-being and adaptation.
> I don't speak or read Italian but translation questions would also be
> interesting as discussion points perhaps.
> All very best wishes and regards,
> Max
> Jacques Jouanna, “Hippocratic Medicine and Greek Tragedy,” 2012,
> https://brill.com/view/book/9789004232549/B9789004232549-s005.xml
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> Hi everyone!
> (and thanks to Ruth and Marc for calling all of us up, so that we can know
> how is everybody)
> about me and Oriana: we're in Italy, stuck amidst the tragedy of the
> infections and deaths and of the political nonsense of these difficult times
> with an important addition: my cancer decided to came back
> now
> I'm fine, don't worry: I have had another surgery that went well, and I'm
> fully recovering
> but this synchronicity has been really important
> for who remembers, back in 2012, when I had my first cancer, i used
> medical data to propose a global repositioning of disease in society:
> a cure can happen only in the middle of society: that was the synthesis of La
> Cura <https://www.artisopensource.net/projects/la-cura/>, the global
> performance into which I had transformed my cancer, inspired by visionary
> innovators such as Franco Basaglia
> What is, now, La Cura at the time of COVID19?
> It turns out that it's a really meaningful continuation in the same
> direction: a cancer and a global pandemic perfectly show the coexistence of
> two dimensions: the individual and the ecosystem
> this coexistence has a tragic aspect: the two dimensions can be at open
> war with each other
> this was perfectly clear, for example, while being in the hospital: I
> risked not being able to have my surgery because of the COVID19 situat
> this tragic character of the situation is exactly the condition which
> we'll star to face in the crises that are about to start coming up
> systematically: climate change, migrations, poverty, health, access and the
> others
> the tragic coexistence between the individual and the ecosytem, and the
> problems that come with it: which are complex and, thus, irreducible.
> Complexity doesn't have "solution". It has a life, a way to cope with it,
> but not a solution, in the sense of being able to reduce it to a point.
> There's no App for it.
> In today's life we have tried all to try to remove tragedy from our lives.
> And, instead, this new conditions shows us just how much we need this
> tragic dimension in our lives.
> As tragedy is complexity, and complexity is tragic and irreducible: it
> just doesn't go away.
> And: with/after tragedy comes Agnition: the ability to understand,
> recognize and transform/adapt.
> In our world, this tragic dimension has a lot to do with data and
> computation.
> The complex phenomena of our planet can be only experieced through
> enormous quantities and qualities of data, and through the computation
> needed to collect them, and to processes and represent them.
> How can I experience climate change (as a global phenomenon, not because
> it is hotter in my city)? COV19? Povety? etc
> Data, data, data, and computation.
> Understanding this tragic condition, in context, means that
> data+computation need to be addressed as existential issues, not as
> technical ones.
> This means a necessary focus shift towards finding/building the new
> rituals, times, habits, practices and traditions with which we will learn
> to inhabit our world through data and computation.
> This is, for example, what we've been doing with the Datapoiesis
> <https://datapoiesis.com/home/> project,
> And this is what we will continue to do now, through this tragic
> continuation of La Cura.
> We started writing two articles about it: they're in italian for now, but
> if there's interest and if someone who speaks native english can help me
> out, we'd love to translate and share.
> Here they are, and we designed the article series so that we arrive at a
> total of 10 articles:
> https://operavivamagazine.org/sogni-e-nuovi-rituali/
> https://operavivamagazine.org/i-rituali-del-nuovo-abitare-dopo-la-tragedia/
> BTW: if anyone wants to join in: i think it would form a wonderful
> publications in these times of "La Cura VS COVID19"
> Thanks everyone: be safe and happy
> Salvatore
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