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Hi all,

Reporting in from Westchester County, NY, the location of the first corona
"hot-spot" in New York state. The response here has been pretty good at the
state level. The state college that I work at switched all classes to
online relatively early and we appear to have avoided any major outbreaks
on campus. As a state university, it was hard for officials to shut down
campus completely as we have students living in our dorms that don't really
have any other place to go. Last Friday, they decided to shut down the
dorms but allowed students to stay if they could prove that they had no
other recourse. So far, we've only heard about 3 confirmed cases among
students, faculty and staff. I tend to get restless when I'm stuck inside.
It's really taking a lot of effort to stay at home. We have plenty of
well-stocked stores in the area so we're not too worried about running out
of anything... except toilet paper. I keep thinking to myself that this is
a perfect opportunity to work on some projects I have going but I'm finding
it hard to get motivated. I find myself spending most of my time refreshing
the news to see how badly the US leader fucked up this hour.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

Pall Thayer

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> Hello all,
> This last couple of weeks have been full of chaos and uncertainty for us
> in the UK - and much longer for others.
> The sudden shut down is clearly distributing immediate and extreme
> hardship very unevenly.
> I personally found the indefinite postponement of Furtherfield's 2020
> 'Love Machines' programme last Monday (in the week we had planned to
> announce everything) incredibly hard to do, and to handle. I know we will
> adapt and find another way to make things work, but that doesn't stop it
> being incredibly disappointing, frustrating and disorientating.
> I'm now starting to adjust but I wanted to share this personal
> (non-life-threatening) experience with you because I would like to hear
> more from everyone about how the Corona virus is effecting them, so we can
> build a better picture, beyond the numbers and the public announcements, to
> understand how things are changing. And most of all it would just be good
> to know how everyone is doing (from regular contributors to all lurkers).
> Warmly
> Ruth
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