[NetBehaviour] recompositions and reiterations* [break]

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Mar 26 03:28:57 CET 2020

recompositions and reiterations* [break]


ingana "come on" imtanu "tuft of black hair"
imu "tuft of black hair" some from front and
back of donkeys [break]
inanna "now" isikku "hard" clay or some such
esiltu "swelling" "inflation" of some body
irtu(m) "breast, chest" "of human deity"
"of a woman's breast" "to put to flight"
imu(m) "stringed musical instrument" [break]
ipu "membrane, afterbirth" but then {break}
irarazakku "lamentation prayer" "perhaps
'ululation'" [break]
inu(m) "eye" "'(spy-)hole in oven' "'mesh,
interstice,' of net"" [break parentheticals]
niaku(m), naku "to have sexual intercourse
with" murus naki "venereal disease" [break]
"permit intercourse" continues below
neu(m) irtam? "staunch bleeding" above then
netmertu "a box with a lid"
nertanitu "murderous" then "sorceress"?
nertu(m) "murder killing"
nertu "sin, misdemeanour" [break]
nesu(m) "distance from, depart from,
especially of demon or god, to abandon a
person or body from fear of disease or
virus, remove immediately, earth, {break}
nesbu "putrid, most likely blood, maybe
having 'done with' the sorceress above"
rapasu(m) "to be(come) broad, expand"
raqadu(m) "to dance! skip!" **
rasanu(m) "to become powerful of voice,
to sound out repeatedly such words as
'break' or '[break]' so that the heavens
garner (?) to the calls and shouts of
the righteous" [break] "rumble loudly"
rehu(m) "to pour out, have sexual
intercourse with, of liquid, river,
'pour sleep,' copulate with, seed plough
'earth,' repeatedly affect, cover stuff
with oil or other magical liquid"
[break[] "remaining, left over"]
situ(m) in-situ(m) "exit, issuance of
abscess, spring-water, place of origin,
(new) growth of a plant" (of some sort)
{break} "trees from mountain person
from womb" [break] {break(n)}
sippatu(m) "cone of pine" "geometry or
geometrical figure" "hyperboloid" {}
subbu(m) "people, divine image, image
of Divine, recognizable" {"hardly
recognizable" "what!?" "ma pitom!!")
sulmu(m) pani "anger, rage" "dark
cloud, dark wood, w.o pani darkness of
heavenly body, stone, really rainy
cloud, unbelievably foggy(?)" [break}
surru "interior, heart, of human body,
mind, mood, essence of body" "break,
broken, [break]" [break]
suhhum "laughable, trivial, {break}"
eressanu "naked"

*modified from A Concise Dictionary
of Akkadian, ed. by Jeremy Black,
Andrew George, Nicholas
Postgate, 2nd Corrected
Printing, Harrassowitz

**really to dance and skip "a lot"

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