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Thu Mar 26 12:30:38 CET 2020


I have moved to liverpool about two months. but things in brazil are
very very bad. the political virus our neodigitalimperialism... two days
ago bolsonaro went to the televison and made a speech he said that
people should come back to work! that the economy cannot break. that is
plain necropotics. yes this is the state we are... 

at the suburbs people just cant stop working there is no food there is
no welfare state... some groups ate organizing "staple basket products"
to the most vulnerable, the village where my family current lives in the
northeast of brazil has closed down and there have resisted a
communitarian mindset, these are the places that are going to suffer
less. but some favelas in rio dont have even water at their homes! the
mayors from the northeastern states are having meetings amongst
themselves saying that they are not going to follow the president that
they cant go against their own population, local organizing has been the
key. indigenous tribes in maranhao are going back to isolation back to
the forests.

the virus even though is just arriving in brazil I am afraid to say will
have devastating effects. even though is the Uk have far more cases in
Brazil, I feel safer here.

take care!!

Em 2020-03-26 02:30, isabel brison via NetBehaviour escreveu:
> Hi Ruth and all,
> Not much to report on a personal level, snuggled in suburban Sydney
> with lots of books to read and a job that was already fully remote, so
> life is almost as usual. Australia has only just started to shut down
> in the past week or so; it's still very new. Though rationally I'm not
> worried for myself, I have woken up a couple times in the middle of
> the night, feeling utter panic about not being able to go anywhere, so
> suspect I may still be in the denial phase.
> The worst of it is the news coming in, especially from Europe where
> many of my friends and family live. 
> And from here, where thousands of people have lost their jobs and are
> queuing outside Centrelink offices trying to get support, while
> government web infrastructure is (as usual) handling increased traffic
> very poorly.
> Take care everyone!
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