[NetBehaviour] How is everyone?

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Cheers Max!! 

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Beautiful garden and glorious video Michael!  
It captures something that lately I have been fearing might have been lost for good and all.  A great testament! 🙂  

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Subject: Re: [NetBehaviour] How is everyone? I've been running around my garden rather than by the river or whatever in anticipation of a total lockdown.I wanted to see if it was practical because an hour of running a day is pretty vital to my mental well being.Turns out it's quite good fun.I restarted my 'today's run' series - GPS track and accompanying text...The two garden ones are here:

( and the whole series is here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/szpako/albums/72157676652502324-the texts only start about six in, when the idea hit me...)

I also made a short movie of a couple of circuits of my garden on rather a lovely spring day. The music is a piano improvisation recorded in a room with two devices logged into the same Zoom meeting
 - rather nice feedback thereby generated :)

with best wishes to everyone, keep yourselves safe...Michael

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