[NetBehaviour] How is everyone

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Fri Mar 27 20:11:22 CET 2020

thanks all, for sharing thought and videos/images (Michael's garden, shardcore's song, Alan's birds), I almost think
in times like these perhaps the less said the better?  but then I would have missed your comments on what you're working
on or how communities in Brazil resist their governments, or how you circle your private garden. I really liked Danielle's post - thank you!

>>..... Have formed an online communication with a small circle of old friends most of whom live alone. This is leading to immediate creative use of ZOOM, collaborative projects and sharing in new ways. This has become important. Am concerned that people are too screen based though and not taking advantage of this opportunity to experience themselves in quiet. No planes passing.>>

this moved me. 

I have nothing much to add, except wanting to share film I made of our last dance, "mourning for a dead moon,"  i realized it ought to be short to be palatable,
& one ought to see the invisible cryptogamicCoat, in the first scene, but neither problem I was able to solve.


stay safe, warm regards
Johannes Birringer

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