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So much to enjoy here Bjørn: )
including this from our very own M&M

I especially appreciate the poetic (non-enterprise) performance and framing
of the blockchain based certification of the existence of the work.

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> Undocumented events and object permanence
> - An online exhibition series thematizing documentation, conservation,
> (false) memory, (art) object, phenomenology, and blockchain certification.
> The Spring 2020 collection is ready!
> https://noemata.net/ueop/1-20.php
> The exhibition contains 63 works submitted between January and March 2020.
> Participating artists
> Acoustic Mirror, Bruce Barber, Arlen Barrera Leyva, sohil bhatia, Lawrence
> Bird, Alessa Brossmer, Ana Buigues, Cyborg Art Collective, sajjad dadpour,
> desire_direct, Reynald Drouhin, Jõrn Ebner, Siegmar Fricke / Pharmakustik,
> Mr. G, Benna Gaean Maris, Marko Gaertner, Diana Galimzyanova, Max Herman,
> Max Herman & Michael Szpakowski, Jinu Hong, Brenda Hutchinson, Danielle
> Imara, marcela jardon, Yejin Stephany Lee, Jan Robert Leegte, Zhongkai Li,
> Tatjana Macic, Aaliyah Marsh, Konstantina Mavridou & Silvia Gatti, Zsolt
> Mesterhazy, Jeff Ostergren, Bya de Paula, Milos Peskir, Daniel Pinheiro,
> pitscher, Theodora Prassa, Stefanie Reling-Burns, Natallia Sakalova,
> SLIDERS_lab [Frédéric Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet], Alan Sondheim, Anthony
> Stephenson, Elle Thorkveld, Christian Tiedeman, Jordan Topiel Paul, Jurgen
> Trautwein, A. P. Vague, Thomas Valianatos, Emilio Vavarella, Juri Wennekes,
> Paul Wiegerinck, William Wolfgang Wunderbar, and [anonymous]
> The collection is notarized and certified on the bitcoin blockchain with
> the hash key of the zip of the collection embedded in the transaction. It
> means there's a public stamp referring to it, a proof-of-existence, since
> the hash-key is unique. So, the undocumented events and objects of the
> collection are then nonetheless proven to exist, which was partly the
> point, to assert an existence of the otherwise non-documented and
> non-documentable. In various degrees the works reflect this. In other
> words, blockchain is used as an archive, museum or a similar function for
> conservation of works, but without containing or revealing them - its only
> function is to certify their existence when asked.
> Priest: Although it is midnight I see the form of a man, a faint form, in
> the light there. If you are spirit, who are you?
> Spirit: I am the ghost of Tsunemasa. Your service has brought me.
> Priest: Is it the ghost of Tsunemasa? I perceive no form, but a voice from
> a recording.
> Spirit: It is the faint sound alone that remains.
> Priest: O! But I saw the form, really.
> Spirit: It is there if you see it.
> -- Tsunemasa Noh play
> Note the spirit's uncertainty as to his own success in appearing. The
> priest wonders if he really saw anything. The spirit affirms that 'The body
> was there if you saw it.'
> Next edition will be the Summer collection, with a deadline in 20 June. A
> call for it will be sent out later.
> For more info
> https://noemata.net/ueop/
> The project is organized by Noemata.
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