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Quoting Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com>:

> from the future
> http://www.alansondheim.org/P1110590.JPG
> http://www.alansondheim.org/fromthefuture.mp3
> http://www.alansondheim.org/P1110588.JPG
> */ignore below. it's my usual patterning: "in the future"/"in the
> past" . it's useless. it takes up space. it's a literary curiosity,
> that's all. there's nothing else to it. but the urgency in the
> voice occasioned by supercollider modification in real time, use of
> echo, as if spreading from future at t1 to t2 then reversed - the
> rush of the urgency into the past, the spread occasioning a form of
> gathering in the present - unrecognizable, in turmoil - an alien
> presence which has no known countenance - that's something else
> again and so the dis/ease / disease spreads, violently and wayward
> and untoward and contrary - roiling in reverse - what happens to
> gravity then - what flies - what doesn't. so the voice in the
> present which comes from the future - _protrudes_ from the future -
> that's something else again, and before we pass judgment on
> ourselves and others which should make certain we comprehend what's
> occurring from a rough distance that even now is collapsing upon us.
> raise high the roofbeam; it shall not stand - and listen, as if you
> were swallowing the world.
> ---
> The flight into/away from the future, to be a man from the future,
> will the males be there. It is always a gift from the futures, and
> among them, horizons. has forms behind it; it comes from the
> future, from a future situated an archaic book from the future, an
> anachronistic book from the past - remember nothing else from the
> future, only its endlessness.& here - everything poisonous from the
> future to the past - from nowhere in the far future, in the future
> farther from the future this speaking from the future anterior i
> come from the future i won't return anywhere i would have been They
> speak from the future. They speak from multiple voices, or from
> that from the future roiretna thought; the future roiretna alone
> from the future to the future -:other worlds in this regard, all
> i'm a human person from the future gone to die before everlasting
> Countdown. This is written from the future to the past. This has
> already this is my legacy, this is what i bring forward from the
> future format, this note from the future to the past. you. a
> premise to build a promise from the past (physical) books from the
> past. a message from the past:  a message from the past:  all
> right, saying the date and time from the past, crying over from the
> past 25 years of notes: Not much for the texts from the past
> sixteen years.. an archaic book from the future, an anachronistic
> book from the past - from the past into the future, into your
> future; there's no our hearths praying to the local gods splintered
> from the past. We can introjected into and from the past and
> future. move the words motion capture notes from the past fifteen
> years do you remember from the past year? Sensory impressions,
> visual stimuli. drooling and tethered from the past, just a moment
> ago already falling what i can tell this is from the past
> mid-century. and i've seen among all of us. Ghosts from the past
> glistened like ivy on unsus- (I read into and through
> representative texts from the past, Lucan, Gil- beginning and end
> with files from the past eight months breathing down our throats?
> Listen to me, I'm speaking from the past - showing through, skin
> split allowing messages from the past to brand a clue is based on
> evidence from the past to the present; a cue is based this text,
> ignoring the consciousness from the past, roaming among lands learn
> anything except the most obvious lessons from the past (i.e. war
> please help me; I'm speaking from the past." not desert me, one or
> another drawn from the past into paste, learned from the past. alan
> says: this is from the past. the past is broken. less innovation;
> nothing dredged from the past; no history, written or 5 February 9
> Net art - use the material from the past two Leonardo's as blemish
> to be seen,_ _text from the past for you,_ _past text somewhere in
> the following are descriptions, culled from the past of the virus,
> of this virus, of CORROBORATE-19.
> +++
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