[NetBehaviour] Collective Health as a Really Beautiful Artwork

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Hi Ruth,

This looks like an incredibly profound and relevant project, which addresses some of the most serious issues we face.  Looking forward to seeing it develop and evolve!

Perhaps this is partly a question for the artist, but does discussion on the list make sense?  Or, would participation/feedback within the work itself be more to the purpose?

All very best and great work bringing the project into C-Ovid-19 format!


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Dear All,

Cassie Thornton is currently on residency at Furtherfield to work on her collective healthcare artwork called The Hologram. This is part of our 2020 Love Machines programme (most of this is currently in the Covid-19 mutation tank- more on this another time). Some of you have already been talking with her.

Her newsletter introduces the project and links to the research that informed the project - drawing on Greek integrative healthcare and social solidarity movement  that grew up in response to the refugee crisis in the Agean

I urge you to sign up to the newsletter and I hope that some of you will want to add your experimental and network-curious gifts to the work.


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