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Hi Danielle,

I can relate to the condition of being cooped up inside.  It's not as strict here at all in the US midwest, so I can go jogging which I'm grateful for and don't do enough (had to make motivational pledges with friends to get activated), but there is a feeling of "not being able to move about" that is palpable and physical -- no movie theaters, can't be in the same room with my elderly parents, can't see my 1-year old niece, etc.  Can't jog in the most popular places to jog.

For the record I also find the typical uses and definitions of the word "genius" to be well kind of nausea-causing.  For whatever reason, just intolerable, oppressive, and disheartening.  So sometimes I think I need to just be less queasy about it, which is partly true.  But also I think the other definitions or meanings of the word help, as in, "the spirit of a place, time, or group," something not even associated with an individual per se, not limited to an individual.

But I also like the very oldest most ancient meaning, "tutelary deity or guardian spirit allotted to a person from birth," which I take to mean every single person without exception, and maybe even every living organism.  The tutelary deity part being, perhaps, our ability to learn; and the guardian spirit part being our capacity to be well.  So I was thinking about these as "the inner teacher and protector we all have within as part of the nature of our being."  I then associate this with something universal and connecting, with great potential, rather than as a ranking system based on test scores and so forth which can seem so narrow and limiting, even toxic or counter-productive.  So I guess the word for me is both discouraging and potentially hopeful, which is kind of how I feel about the pandemic and all the other challenges that face the planet this year (and all other years, in their own unique ways).

Hoping all is well with you and yours, and thanks for discussing,


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So, Max, another less arsey and highly idealistic thought I had about genius and 2020:
2020’s lockdown means many who spend their lives doing everyday jobs with little interest or enthusiasm, may now have the time and opportunity to be creative and and express their own genius. And show that we are all geniuses (genii?) in our own ways.

Also, The Noemata Undocumented Events exhibition is Genius. And it’s 2020
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