[NetBehaviour] plague hymn

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon May 4 17:50:40 CEST 2020

plague hymn

http://www.alansondheim.org/plaguehymn.mp3 hohner chordomonica-ii

plague thought, sorrow, :thought,:i:avoid:plagues:of:plagues:
spreading plague across canon genre, classic cannot think any more,
enormous plague inertia, everywhere floods, fires, crusades, wars,
a difference of imagination: plague, an unimaginable plague, crags
imagining unaided no avail, league imagined bodies of plague -
praeeminent shafts unagreeable leagues imagind draff staies seepage
plague - flee me won't give pennsylvania devils their side: plague
services god. radiations, invisible plasma, real shudders double
plague cusp virtuality. as thwarted precisely side? subsided;
anything, plague increased less, exhausted, myriad beings while
coming no food upon plague us. ring rosie (the pox approach
anti-semitism might away rich plague silver journeys medina omar
what's left us plague's famine, plague insideme, not; felt take
you, everywhere, emitted deep accounts plague received mud
problematic harsh sun; dream lives worsened come, pure plague
annihilation dalization, destruction, other words, were heim shows
plague he self-doubt ('his tools desert him, man savior artaud
began plague suffer those terribly debilitating headaches which
throat face. plague "machines had always antonin artaud. at age
five disturbances can't plague quite figure them these emanations
pressing ribs language gauges plague gapes stomach, first us, then
avatars, seminal lpmud been plague contaminated. viral plagues,
organs rearrange: af socius general. plague binarism, _plague now n
stemsbut you know "this c. internet haves plague have-nots:
continuous upgrading ding beyond into didst tell saidst plague idea
if it site, sight, locus. it's more locust, resurgence plague
smallpox asses menservants maidservants camels plagued passport
plague password past this trace dancer remains, against wall .
breakdown plague ozone layer, fissuring passover plagues passover
questions up for plague every place site massacre. source warfare,
by global warming plague murder) sutured, covered politics history
face-down field, picked plague easements one has blind things,
world (plague war earthquake plague machine-gunned men, but what
carry, or permanent virus, is this: we plague appeared on released
smallpox, measles, all sorts. rest things that plague rot your
plagues. around eleven o'clock morning, order day - plague plagues
will. tuberculosis, diptheria, plague, i forget impact plague
ex-face earth. next time, nanotechnologies will not be plague.
plague there's nothing like a plague flying saucers grade b film,
in the plague plague); and some with shoot to kill do anything
avoid pain flight plague ancient india, logics, wraiths, spirits of
children killed plague trajectories. related corona fourth series
meditations quarantine. plague plunged journey centring voice-chant
'i don't alien year; well plague buried victims; can smell here
there, onslaught. now; i'm love time plague absolution. salvation.
purification. critical journal wonder plague strangers develops,
healing, closer. otherwise chases year. really plague coronavirus;
fear, hatreds, horizon violence plunge journey. live plague law
itself cut prairie center edge war, cartels. america isn't plague
annihilations. ice.barbedwire.holdingcells.plague .burnedalive.
plague calamity, drought, &c. disease totalitarian life), cold-life
plague cobblestones, tank sports subsidized. local heavily chemical
public plague heading towards whether apply sheaves sions death,
overturned damps plague gathered skin tears unbreathable, asthma /
allergic planet plague choice-televisual web-inversion subjectivity
cccovers soiled mold plague radio rumor cobblestones caught sullen
cold rain. 1666 death), fall plague down, consume, consumed traffic
power seduction offer alone. plague :semi-criminals sickness design
sickness. virtual lands :g/^/mo


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