[NetBehaviour] Too many texts re: "according to"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed May 6 07:50:19 CEST 2020

Too many texts re: "according to"


shunting the primary experience to potentially primary sources,
often layers of attributions. so that authority, the authentic,
ensconced against the experiental body, retreat into print &
reference, sight becomes citation, site becomes the body of
citation & therefore

according to (seize)
according to (seize) adore
according to Archnet, and one of the last six standing,
according to Gelb "should correspond to the word _kulu um,_ discussed
according to Helene Deutsch, "At its most extreme, menstruation is
according to Henry, and then just hated me. So anyway, I.A. said I had
according to Iraq Heritage the distinctive muqarnas-domed
according to Melanie Klein: 'a) the father's penis b) excrement and c)
according to Sandor Gilman, legends were told in Germany of the
according to Segal/Dagut's English-Hebrew Dictionary. The basic concep
according to a paradigm emerging (or an imaginary emerging perhaps - f
according to an arbitrary mathematical function that I can define. It'
according to any fold in cut out or obscuring distortion process
according to any predetermined serial order
according to him the rule of the Arabs ought to have lasted up to (108
according to its rhythm
according to local usage. They're also embellished according to latera
according to my poor mouth. Argh! Meanwhile some interesting
according to my work and my work is not lived according to my
according to power, the trajectories are knowable and inerrant.
according to predetermined and/or random procedures, including word su
according to quantum mechanics' rehearsals of the universe at large. I
according to the Communications Decency Act.  Please, describe your
according to the exigencies of the dancer generally in dialectic with
according to the inscription-knife of the scholar or critic. This is
according to the original and collated.'
according to which base?
according to your own laws

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