[NetBehaviour] Eclipse

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed May 6 23:04:09 CEST 2020



High in the damp and foggy atmosphere, an uncanny sense of vertigo
as one does what one can to remain aloft in the thin air. It's cold
of course, close to freezing. In the uncharted skies below, the
occurrence of an eclipse, star or comet, sun or moon, something
occluded, unnerving. You can see how it's registered on the varied
seismological-atmospheric readings. One knows that it _is_ an
occurrence, not a figment or fantasy of one's imagination. I know
these things for facts, as sure as the fingers of my hand or the
rotating black holes in the sky with their deep disturbances of
gravitation. The evidence there as well lies, not in the stars, but
the graphs themselves. My work here is trivial, of course, but the
anomaly haunts me. I keep worrying it, is it perhaps a trick of the
atmosphere, recorded evidence ascertained through the absolute
accuracy of the tools of science? Or it there something real out
there, lost in the mist, as hard and obdurate as reality, waiting
to be discovered? To this, I have no answer of course; this is as
close as I could get. And the question remains.

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