[NetBehaviour] Please participate! Project launch for Quarantine Connections

nathaniel stern nathaniel.stern at gmail.com
Sat May 9 16:52:51 CEST 2020

Hey everybody!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these trying times.

I wanted to share my latest art project with y’all.

Quarantine Connections, my collaboration with Scott Kildall and Chris Butzen, responds to the emotional isolation we feel during the COVID-19 pandemic, by facilitating hand-crafted letters that bring distant strangers together. It invites us to physically connect, without touch.

The project was beta-testing last week, and soft launched yesterday. We use Facebook for “real person” authentication, but keep all information other than what is necessary for one-way letter exchanges private. All you have to do is sign up here and give it a try: https://quarantineconnections.org/

And as part of our fast launch and ongoing improvement, we would love your feedback (we’ve made a lot of changes already)... Any bugs or issues? Suggestions? Praise or criticism? Submit that here: https://quarantineconnections.org/contact/

Quarantine Connections matches real people seeking physical connection across the country (currently US only, just because of postal costs… Sorry UKers et al!). You can write on a postcard, stationary, or paper, include recipes, photos, or clippings. Send anything paperbound, in one envelope, and with one stamp.

You can ask for a letter for yourself or anyone else, as long as you participate by sending out your own envelope to another quarantined community-member. Everyone pays it forward. Be seen and feel connected, and provide the same for someone else, with no further obligation from any party involved.

Quarantine Connections uses the intimacy of individually crafted letters – and receiving hand-delivered mail in your own safe space — to establish empathy across isolated people.

The Quarantine Connections project team is Scott Kildall, Nathaniel Stern and Chris Butzen. More information about us at https://quarantineconnections.org/about-the-artists/

nathaniel stern

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