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Virus Diary Day 21 (entry 7)
61st Day of Confinement,
Abu Dhabi

Virus as Labyrinth
(Author's note: the series was to be a synchronous, daily log of the existential effects of the COVID-19 virus from Abu Dhabi. Due to personal events, the diary took a two week break, and is planned for a minimum 30 entry series, but synchrony is no longer implied.)

Another day in lockdown. Another day, held in place. But with each day, new developments unveiling chaos and/or indeterminacy. But the metaphor for the human condition resembles the labyrinth (the Christian one, not the classical one with the Minotaur.) The idea is walking the path; there is not wrong turn, but it is a process of indeterminacy. Although there is a length to the journey, there is an end, to go to the next stage of things. This causes me to return to the idea of Fukuyama's "End of History" falling prey to Baudillard's "Illusion of the End". The process has an end, but the days go on without a sort of predictability, and this is the issue, and this is what creates the existential irritation. but this has also proven many things; it has proven that the procession of time has proven that metapolitical events can happen giving enough will. This also suggests that the Anthropocenne can be changed as well into another era. But as this post does discursively, the teleology is that of the hamster wheel; running in place, because that's what you do in these situations - but then in the Buddhist sense, perhaps this is the working out of karma as a function of entropy. Sitting here in the capsule, breathing, spending time through the new Matrix of relations.

Tomorrow is another day.

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