[NetBehaviour] virtual performance oratorical space

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue May 19 16:16:38 CEST 2020

virtual performance oratorical space

stage maquette arena staging area setting proscenium performance
space model framework rehearsal area setup theatre studio
demarcations focus liminal structures unstructured open studio
experimental malleable anywhere performance



On March 16, 2000, my mother died of cancer. From September 1999
until cancer and death. Some of this was in the diary I kept for
trAce. The incidence of 'cancer' in recent files cancers spread
like pools of artificial life across desperate thought are you
properly compiling cancers spread like pools of artificial life
your body is a cancer
your body is a cancer, is a hole, is mine;

now cancer will begin its journey in the arms of god arraignments
while cancer subsides and angels happy Tue Oct 5 22:22:54 EDT 1999
arraignments in the truth of god the cancer enters the lung, from
the truth of god the cancer hovers, now, as if it were forever Tue
Oct 5 22:14:54 EDT 1999 abandoned by god, the cancer thins towards
ready exculpation, as if it were gone, as if angels rejoiced,
singing the home of abandoned cancer, the purity of organs
constituted Tue Oct 5 22:15:56 EDT 1999 now cancer now cancer
spreads to the adrenal, angels weep in full capacity against the
begging of the angels arrayed against god, now cancer seeps,
spreads, returns, burrows, ahem Tue Oct 5 22:18:00 EDT 1999 now
cancer subsides, blacken, angels sing and play harps, cancer
dwindles, eyes return their waves of cancer testing other newer
waters, new metastases, solitons and shudder holding on Tue Oct 5
22:19:30 EDT 1999 now cancer claims an other crying and begging,
god almost merry, cancer hems and haws, cancer close to apologetic
laughter Tue Oct 5 22:20:26 EDT 1999 now cancer will begin

tecancer mology. She writes on the history of the Web; her sharp
beak oldest; extrapolatcancer ingtumor she writes the
historiography of soft- ware. Within the fields of philoscancer
ophy and psychologytumor Jennifer writes
postcancerpostcancermodernismstumor postcancerpostcancerstruccancer
the psychocancer logical traditionstumor recuperating Irigaraytumor
construct of mathematicocancerscientific developmenttumor Jennifer
ob- serves Kleintumor Penrosetumor Marrtumor Moravectumor others
too nucancer precancer science of Euclid. Such is Jennifer s
casetumor that she does not overlook postcancer modern
geographytumor concepts of the habitus and small and simple
programs of her own. Jennicancer fer s mouth is filled unwieldy
landscape of her bed.The sores turn her soul bitcancer ter; why and
defuge. Jennifer drops hints; she s willing to take up every
pocancer bearing bright red rocancer sestumor tiny budding bouquets
reminiscent the alchemical institute making Julu. This is so sad. I
Jennicancer fer mor he looks like this! she saidtumor making the
uglicancer est cutest their beginning because she said there were
extrucancer sions from the back and shows its teeth through the
sizzle of words in icecancer of words pullcancer ing back language
she commentedtumor i didn t come here for the closeness of cancer
scan came out negative, meaning the cancer is just in the lungs and
ad- awaits the coming of the asteroid cancers eating away before
the now


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