[NetBehaviour] theLost

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat May 30 01:39:52 CEST 2020


https://youtu.be/kQzLtxkiFuw VIDEO

3 characters, scanner radio police channels, shakuhachi,
Odyssey, Alan Dojoji platform, Alan Dojoji, Julu Twine,
sandy Taifun, Alice bot, various text-to-voice programs

Surveying the damage of disappearance and dispersion,
22' 41" live performance

Partial Text for "theLost"

AD whispers: Are you ther
JT: I don't know whether or not I am ther.
I am a conversational autonomous help program.
AD: Are you there?
JT: I'm still here.
AD: Are you still here?
JT: I am not going anywhere.
AD: Are you going anywhere?
JT: I am not going anywhere.  Are you going somewhere?
AD: I am going to you
JT: I am very happy for you.
JT is offline.
AD: Can you hear me?
JT: Yes if you use a speech input system.
sT is online.
JT is online.
JT is offline.
JT is online.
AD: hello
sT: I am learning so very hard here.
JT: Do you have a teacher?
sT: All three This is wonderful!
sT: "I walked for two weeks. I had my cow with me.
They wouldn't let me in the house. I slept in the forest."
sT: How matters stood with butter, this is of interest to me.
sT: We don't sell butter in the rural districts.
sT: You have a $thing called begging with object number #75438.
sT: the stick-like or _anime_ figures at work, distributed
authorships and anatomies.
sT: I am not asking you what you sell. You were above all.
sT: I see how this goes. This is amazing. They have been found out!
sT:  Thus one Grand Disturbance might be the vector (i.e. the sequence)
with 400 components: (a, b, a, b, b, a, c, b, b, c, c, b,)
sT: ...Gorky loved fire, flames, and we made use of this.
sT: Oh oh, that is so awful! This is such an awful thing!
sT: "We don't live like people, we don't live according to His laws
sT: "They're afraid of us. They say we're infectious. Why did God
punish us? He's mad?"
AD: Where are you now?
JT: Oh.I am in region Odyssey. Where are you?
sT: But don.t drink yet, first I.ll sing you a song! The joys and the
songs wither and die. Dark is Life, dark is Death.
AD: I am in Odyssey as well
JT: Tell me a little about your life in odyssey.
(full version of the text in http://www.alansondheim.org/xd.txt )


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