[NetBehaviour] a song for peace in Minneapolis: "The Beautiful"

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 31 01:17:12 CEST 2020

There also seem to be white nationalists calling for a "bugaloo" to fan 
the flames. So much of this goes back to Trump and his apparent idea that 
punishing anyone who disagrees with him is the way to go - his rabid 
followers take that to heart.

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of this country.

- Alan

On Sat, 30 May 2020, Max Herman via NetBehaviour wrote:

> Hi Michael,
> I will certainly stop sharing it as being relevant to the civic unrest here;
> my apologies for not checking with you first.
> That said, many of the protest leaders here are denouncing the orchestrated
> campaign of arson, which is decimating the very neighborhoods which are hurt
> most by economic inequality and injustice. Irreplaceable Native American
> historic archives have been burned. Incendiary devices have been found in my
> immediate neighborhood and the "burn it down" graffiti is written with punk
> rock "A" symbols and slogans having nothing to do with justice for George
> Floyd. His family is calling for an end to the arson which is destroying
> their neighborhood, and there is no police or fire prevention presence
> whatsoever to protect people.
> This destruction is close to me, on my street and in my nostrils. Maybe my
> city should be burned to ground to bring change -- every single structure
> bar none. But I and many others who are calling for justice are also calling
> for an end to the arson and looting.
> I hope I am not sounding reactionary here. One indicator of our dilemma is
> that Trump's rhetoric is fanning the flames, rather than calling for calm
> and healing. There are images and reported evidence of well-equipped
> arsonists not from the affected community acting in a highly orchestrated
> operation. If you can stream coverage from WCCO channel 4 some of the
> community leaders are speaking on these issues.
> Perhaps a moment or breath of peace cannot save my city, or the world. My
> sincere hope is that it can.
> My emotions are raw and fear is everywhere, so I may not be coherent. I will
> respect your wishes though not to associate the song with a political
> agenda; that was not my intent but I do see how it could be seen that way
> and I confess my judgment may be off-base due to my own biases and emotional
> state.
> Best wishes to all,
> Max
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> I?m happy to have this distributed Max. I said so on a number of occasions. I?m
> a little uneasy though about shoehorning a creative piece which for me was
> an exercise in personal collaboration and friendship to the current events
> in Minneapolis (although I understand your physical nearness to the
> situation) to which my response is complete solidarity with the uprisings
> across the US. It feels a bit awkward to me. Here is the little thing we did
> in my town today to honour George Floyd:
> https://www.flickr.com/photos/szpako/49952943907/in/photostream#
> In terms of peace my feeing was, is and remains *No* justice *No* peace...
> cheers Michael
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> On Saturday, May 30, 2020, 8:08 pm, Max Herman via NetBehaviour
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> Hi all,
> Please have a listen to this unusual song and forward it to your
> contacts.
> https://mhermanmszpakowski.bandcamp.com/track/the-beautiful
> Here is an alternate link:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8pabM00hIo&t=10s
> It was written and recorded last summer in hopes of peace for our
> country. It is now posted and publicized to honor the memory of George
> Floyd and the peace, justice, and love we all need to keep hope alive.
> Best wishes to you and yours,
> Max
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