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Tue Oct 6 19:26:50 CEST 2020

Hi all,

This animation captures something I've been imagining lately in my mind:


I haven't had time to read the article yet but have been imagining this kind of form lately regarding the geometry and flow of the Mona Lisa, a bit differently but similar in the sense of an "armillary sphere" image.  One difference is that each star is not just a point on an orbit but a spiral vortex of its own (i.e. if you were to view the track of its own rotation around its axis like a helix).  You can see this "turbulence" a little in the animation as the star which is disintegrating.

No way to know, perhaps, if Leonardo was imagining in this way at all when painting the Mona Lisa.  However, it might be possible to corroborate by looking at this writings and other images in the notebooks about geometry, orbit, rotation, vortices, and the like.

Other possible corroboration may be found in the bi-diagonal compositions of other paintings by Leonardo such as the Saint Anne, Madonna of the Rocks, Salvator Mundi, and Madonna of the Yarnwinder.  The Last Supper is also a waveform (Landrus, 2018) but viewed from a horizontal axis perspective, which of course intersects the perspectival axis.

Anyway just a jotting.  🙂

All very best wishes and regards,


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