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A Drift


This text is from Diamond alogia a discourse on witchcraft as it
was acted in the family of Mr. Edward Fairfax of poynton in the
county of York and deer 1621 reproduced with biographical
introduction and notes topographical and olestra Dove by William
Grange and this was done in Harrogate are at Cal printer and
publisher Harold office 1892 and this is from the very first
printed edition of this. What I did was recited the same way it
would have been recited in Witchcraft and allowed the text to be
modified by the voice-to-text mechanism that I'm employing at the
moment. The result is a new text with an under text or undertow.
What you are reading yours the undertow which is already set

On Saturday the 23rd of February the women apprehended whereby
appointment at the house of Widow pull line at voicetone searching
for Mark's upon their bodies and because of the Assembly of many
women my elder daughter was fetched from home by the Constable into
neighbors to make trial if she could Challenge and in a company
there to be met the women who travel to her room yet she did not
know. At her coming she was brought to the house into a parlor
where I was by the men of force head and she said unto me quote
Father Here We two of the witches in the house Pig weight and the
woman with the spot on her face whom I know knots but she is in the
red Petticoat. To which I answered if thou Dost know her go back
with these men and Challenger Ford. So she went with the constable
in the men and took hold Saint Margaret Thorpe and said unto her I
know not your name but you were the woman with a spot on your face
at death so often appear to me and trouble me and you are a witch.
And it is true that at that instant the spot so often spoken of was
visibly to be seen on the woman's left cheek. After this was done
the same man character up to a chamber where it doesn't women were
together there she went directly to Janet they've been challenged
her to be the old woman who showed her the pictures and she asked
for the pictures at which all of those who were present greatly
wonder if these two women were ugly unknown to her both their
persons and name the other was observed that ever after it all are
trances when she saw either of them she called them by their names
which till then had never been done. Also the same day at night
being rosenkrantz Helen's are block out of the yellow bird the cat
speak to her which before that time and never did and told her that
she was genitive spirit that the bird was Thorpe's white wife
Spirit. The Catherine to pull out her throat and her brother
William Fairfax took the Bible and read 240th so we're at the Kat
seemed enraged and said quotes I brother reads on the book and
makes a fool of himself on quote. Upon this occasion we sent to
decide with the Constable to bring Thorpe's wife from Widow pull
and's house where he kept her what she did but before she came the
cat said they must away for Thorpe's wife was coming and they
prayed Helen to tell the woman that they would Terry for her on the
top of the hill. So they departed and Thorpe's wife came in to whom
the children called us before they done when she was first brought
to them in the hall and they told her of The Cat in the bird and
neither could they come out of the trance so long as storks wife
was present. The day after being Sunday Margaret way to Junior was
brought to the children for many persons were desirous to see the
trial of the speech is of the whim of the children to the witches
after some talk is before the woman Neil down voluntarily before
the knees of my older daughter and earnestly pray to forgive her.
The Winsted forgive her and said wipe egg weight does tell this
trouble me? If that Woods come to me inside of everybody I would
forgive the will a boy. End of quote the woman answered mrs. I am
here in the sight of everybody your father send for me and and your
father sent for me and I am here amongst them all end of quote she
said I do not believe they for I know none CC but I. End of quote
the verse persons May trial if she could hear understanding the
other person but she was senseless to all of them are go away and
so is a little one also. The woman was carried out sometimes
without the door sometimes without the window at from these places
to call upon the children.

I meant to seeing her go back went away. When they were going
through work's wife in the cat carrier over the water above Road
and Bridge Andover Ralph home's ground than over the mirror and so
to the fields again and cross bramling above Cryer's house they're
over the great then over the great Hill there until cross the
fields on the north side of sleight Slater's house to the hot
Highmore on that side of the Hill there she saw many women together
amongst which list gives wife in the strange woman who had a great
fire they are. And that company camera woman and gray clothes and
passed by her and wanted to Slater's house. At that instant a
chance at Moore Jeffrey came to her and Marvel to see her there in
that state. Her brother came also when the sister told him that she
saw Thorpe's wife in the black cat on the one side and on the other
side bring her whereupon he went and took hold of her and let her
towards father's house which was not far distant. The cat left her
and went to the company but Thorpe's wife followed them to the
house we're both the winches felland trance in which Helen was so
and so great extremity of sickness and web so sore that they
thought she would have died and called for complaints from
Neighbors and Henry Jeffrey came with all speed running to
advertise me at my house of the accident and found me with others
and much care of seeking the woods and Waters for her at least
she's somewhere perished in Cellar went for her loss this news
comforted us I took some with me and went to Jeffrey's house where
the children were both in trance and which store swipe told ma
Jeffrey all the matter of how to get carried my daughter away;
which report I noted from her mouth are; my daughter also when she
was restored to a perfect sense is consumed this confirmed the
same. Then brought I her home and by the way she showed me the way
she had passed; which was over Hedges and difficult places for the
space is over a mile. The time was also so short betwixt to taking
out of the house into being found on the Moor that it was not
possible she should go to the ER so short of space.

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