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(the closing of the work)

the phenomenology of approach

(the opening of the work)

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Commentary by Ryan Whyte (see Notes)

*/ Version originally written (for the most part) in 2002.

How to approach anything? This has concerned me ever since the
Far Hills Project in the 1970s, General Description of the World
around the same time. Now I think of the same, our embedding,
almost transparent, within what seems to be an incredible
uniformity of the universe, subject theoretically to mathesis -
with particle families, subtended dark matter, local and
universal laws, the inexorable scaffolding of everything that
interrelates within and without us. Our approach to anything is
indescribably miniscule, but everything most likely holds
everywhere, or so it seems. Why aren't there infinite subjects to
infinitely unrelated laws? Why does existence appear to have a
certain quality? Reality is universal, Hua-Yen Buddhism comes to
mind, as well as procedures beyond or within procedures, domains
like neighborhoods, intermixtures of local and universal. The url
above just scratches the surface, if it does even that, read on.

Alan Sondheim, 2020, 2020 vision, hindsight and foresight hardly
presenced at all. /*

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