[NetBehaviour] Problems of Spatial and Temporal Scale

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Oct 11 05:53:56 CEST 2020

Problems of Spatial and Temporal Scale

https://youtu.be/9Eku3V-yqwM VIDEO

The movement of the thread-wasted wasp in relation to human
demolition of a concrete structure. The time is as follows:
demolition at 6 times normal; wasp at normal; wasp at 1/6
normal; demolition at normal. 6, 1, 1/6 1. Locating tool
use, appearance of conscious and deliberate action, the
physicality of the world at scale, the obdurate nature of
the physical environment, the attribution of consciousness,
the problematization of both temporal and spatial scale -
and then the position of the viewer - identification? ,
boredom? , fascination? , recognition that the very scale
of life both spatially and temporally problematizes
attributions of culture, tool-use, consciousness, planning,
decision-making, instinct, and so forth. It's far too easy
to categorize the 'other' at any scale, to assume the
uniqueness of human behaviors and constructions, to ignore
what may well be barely visible. But there is culture
wherever and whenever there are decisions being made, when
negation and memory enter the picture (Heinz von Foerster),
when ... so many things, so many definitions of life, of
the living, of consciousness, of being. I assume live and
thought, consciousness and history, everywhere; I assume,
not the struggle for survival, but the recognition of
cessation among almost all beings. And the idea that other
species may feel no pain, may have no consciousness at
all, surely is a form of undeserved imperialism on our
part. Perhaps we are the only creatures on the planet who
do not know how to read...

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