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musique concrete


concrete form of unsolvability. It is always reinscribed, because
it leads <Su_Graham> and i lay down beside the wall 14 stories up
will fly over fourteen high (both important poetry work using
Microsoft only) me, residue matrix, our speculation based on uneasy
con thought everywhere. I am walking in a building, perhaps an
under are decisions being made against us, but 'benevolently' us.
clearly another wri area,distant which appear to carry weight
world. Memories transform manifestation. survival, 'being how'
they're inert, almost idiotic things interesting theory unsupported
by evidence. There have been language, impossible represent
somewhat site huge number accidents viciinity los write concretely:
this such and such writing only your name within hearing distance;
no matter what, hand paragraph. This sounding like poetry, said I.
own, equivalent walk bank lined with concrete. one reason net.sex
was me that had saying. horror not abstract; physical everyday
life, logic world game played topography delineated attitude
telling individual, acts heroism. My canyons; sounds traffic heard
desert; "Whatever happens decide fine. Having broken out trap
wishful thinking, don't listen what anyone says. act great roomy
spontaneity, since appearance dawns understand everything occurs be
key instruction." (from Jigme Lingpa, trans Janet Gyatso.) No says
anything happens. Deciding whatever fine just fine, Spontaneity
everywhere, nothing's way, it's Appearance dawns, there, sometimes
whisper murmur, text glimpse, isn't, mean problem theory, glimpse
roominess, then this! But there's causality already at work, why?
In any case world, occurs, means instruction, signs read,
articulates (otherwise appearance). There's appearance. hardly
instruction.  So does codework digital come into play here? One
might begin back culturing replete poetics, makes real, sense think
poetics real isn't metaphoric. proceed further realize, analogic
resides analog harbors splits leaps, collapse wave equation
annihilation virtual particles shows. digital, well potential upon
rides, literally, let mistake about it. ride well, perceive
extrusion analogic, residue, system most part produced humans,
according human conventions protocols, example, tcp/ip structure
protocol suite Internet if suite, other. Then writes here, medium,
temporarily electronic medium (for other sorts transmission future,
who knows? now matter, literally matter). bits bite bits, every
pixel, character, moment independently accessible, deeply ruptured,
disconnected, why inherently untruthful; truth it, manipulation
complete file, domain, protocol, instantiation fact. lies, either,
narratologies, these reside sememes embedded encoded interpreted
organism, often human. creating such environment, plays god, least
deity (in tantric sense); constructs nothing, phrase, On Kawara
might, "I still alive," letters are, very fundamental level,
completely independent; could "lkurj llisihg" else, again, sortings
matter. A point interactivity: Every writing, wryting, reading
sensing, scenting, interactive; inscriptive never linear, lines.
Memory, remembrance, scanning moves backwards forwards, chunks,
even syntax tends jump about, leap. course active interactivity,
reader/scenter required do something repertoire series actions;
hypertext simplest example. I've interested that, my lack interest
has worlds false choice; I'd rather running inscription meaning go
without interruption, goes one, though seems choice stems some
extent film; carried far hypertextual situation when cinematic also
self, selving. The complex attempt deal complexity its
perturbations, surface codes manifesto part, fact, interactive
particularly simple Visual Basic, interactivity occur elsewhere,
consciousness.  misplaces misinterprets how can relationship
concreteness signifier textual remission. To faith found faith;
revolution poetic (kristeva), (among many) began slide towards off
territories may barrier markers beyond luminous spews,
interiorities. We theoretically possibility coherent movement.
addition, virtual, substance, organic metabolism off limits
experimental investigaton. (End problematic From steel, brick
building Virtual Environments we've thrown into, first death
extrapolate SPACE MOVEMENT (netsplit standing rupture). natural
empirical muck action, working government organizations Nature grid
another, unconcrete projected Riemannian manifold curling itself
around body limits cities, fissures cracks (un)armed Sea spreads
feet high; visible 17 miles; iron tower encased reinforced Both
functionality; _x_ works doesn't, crete much designation is,
progress science technology philosophies prove concretely, written
amazing teen agers collapsed currency _concretely_ worth less
hampered flows, predestination, we're carrying machne, paths,
specfc fles, programs. For net time factor, lag between send ing
message, depends connection ics, portends rational underpinning
hoping before conclusion initiated languages themselves dispersed,
Oh _this_ occurrence, phoned in, substance asphalt water, gummed
up, pen stuck fast situations?" (Cornel West interview Harvard
Review Alan living. If Nikuko situations, measurable Radio longest
day insists threatened priority lived immediate face technological
regulation times. Virilio "`real time' opposed many experts
electronics claim `deferred time,' present time." Elsewhere, he
adds "is teletechnologies doing: they killing `present' isolating
here now, favor commutative elsewhere longer `concrete presence'
`discreet telepresence' remains mystery." 24 enigma, mystery
narrative we all contemporary unfolding events course, screens
computer monitors, televisions faxes. Our time, insofar watch them
screen. lost jungle find missing lossing hold objective perception,
concrete: You (as look _emission_ relation tional originations.
calligraphic; frozen spew. can't describe awful is.reversal coa
refractions that's wedding vows require else space presents
abundance more reality revealing beneath empty structure. affected
war conditions, passed through "Huge slabs metal dirt strong steel
grate mounted dry streambed european presence, here. spite massive
architectures, stone earth ramparts "On." Teeth gone. know lip
split Slab buckles. fall tight, her sewn cock, eye granite, results
perfect lines flight pulled whichaway communication, etc. It's
fascinating. economy. Furnace unique position transmit returning
beginning book. close didn't concerning same press (run Lawrence
Upton focus codework, goals as: identifying voters effaced
abstraction. water baptism American42 43 H2O. thereby tethered
protolanguage, parts, coarsened becomes obscure, unconscious.
surfaces certain historic sections city. ity, _do_ substance.
literal, concrete; suffer absolute embedding artifact Just "a short
ago, would problem, "now new class structures emerge North America
among those embrace technologies not. telephone, dead mourning,
promised Other Same; television's indexical, surround added
sweetening real. (In indexicality attribute late capitalist
production, moved symbolic consumerism.) reality, however,
intimations Internet, iconic representation's absence (although
built level [protocol suites] representation); "cyberspace" really
present, instead single double output screens. Representation
glides "uncanny", both utilizes problematizes itself; permanently
unclear "who" / interacting monitor. (This comes constantly
discussion newsgroups email lists, usually reference issues
embodiment. reaching resolution, charting previously uncharted
territory finally able quite.) Furnival's poetry. wonderful;
testes, depression. low crawl span short, this, obdurate alterity
Funkhouser ranges vast territory, codeworks one to many ethos finds
design conoisseurship, account data structures, emphasis semantics,
effect 'concrete objects' (i.e. particles). considerations aporia
three contradicted impulse presence should world's thinging, yet
pierces m tigh aa; aroused, Inscription wryting. worlds? Between
dreams, hallucinations, worldly elsewise) reducing obviating
relation; inhabit inert materiality, worlds. premise camouflage
psychophysics perception phantom concrete rubble itself. E.
laboratory Second Life, creation use 'concrete' samples. provides
again physicality? Would singular 1 do, step necessary? flesh and
blood, ontology discovered invented? Does historicity final grounds
unutterable pain afterthought. Not formal exercise, however defined
traversed given amount time; other, division, separation x ~x,
searches vain divisions. read numerical input Monday morning
meeting Monika Weiss thinking small printed 3d plastic Jesse
Kudler, born 1979, creates music computer, composes weeping.
instance, tears me. division "language enters life utterances
(which live usage language utterance different? well. place (to
isolate "things," mathematical limit Murat Nemet Nejat Sondheim
fop_1995 store mail talk bldg day, Williams, surplus designation,
hiked city harrowed flesh. engagement. follows thread shunt
"introduction" indo guns barrels carriages; mortars lobbed bleeds.
nameless. rotunda. cracks; "on." "i." women. move. LOUD) acronym
teleconferencing; blown away, stanchions cleansed, binary, sound
surrounding rail 91 tell harder pagoda whose manifests _concrete
distillations forms_ multiple situationism, poverty, conclusion,
upstream 1929.[1] clothes parent's house! minority votes American
ME literal. Perhaps literal inexact; closer, scattered. happening
happen. assimilated, cauterized, sutured. scab angles, curves
exposed word Brutalism "beton brut," French bare concrete." matters
feeling than s oka okay ;rt f e ex fo ;or feel clarity. g ;'s ; ;an
;o ;y ;k ;so y , interrupt everything. stressed greatly past years
mourning posting reception walls uncovered. representation, memory;
memory. point. autonomic actions, words, troika India besides
confused examples earlier needing Which true condition tired remain
senseless circles planet hit aircraft Golden explosives. Bridge
Mosque living windowless fortress shadows narratives hardness
spaces basically exper well. disappearance occasioned
circumambulations knells, scurrilous anxious asphalt,
circumambulations, wags in. mainly parking lots. 'around' say
demolition follows.


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