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This is lovely and meaningful and I have no doubt it's art; in a way it
relates obviously to role-playing games that exist also in theater; I
forget the woman's name in NY - she's done work leading people through the
city in and out of spaces. Johannes Birringer might know who I'm thinking
of. In a very different way, Foofwa d'Imobilite's Danceruns through cities
and city-spaces relate, That's at Foofwa.com and I think relates through a
different form of meditation/thinking/discussion. Anne Halprin comes to
mind. I think all of these relate, so much more. Of course it's all art,
all creative play, even Dungeons and Dragons, etc.; I'd even put the
average Zoom meaning into this. In a sense it's renaissance of laterality
and independent (networkd +/-) think -

Alan -

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> Hello NBers
> I hope you and yours are all safe and well.
> Two months have passed since we played the Transcultural Data Pact LARP
> online.  I've posted a little information about it below. A number of
> list members participated and gave inspiring performances which frankly,
> blew our minds and made me realise what potential this format holds for
> critical play, learning and creating new worlds together. This feels
> particularly valuable right now.
> I'm happy to share with you a parafictional video about the pact, by Pete
> Gomes <https://vimeo.com/470585528>. We had an embarrassment of riches to
> work with in the edit and found it agonising to have to leave so much out.
> Annie asked me in an email about what exactly this is - art or what?!
> I'm currently calling it Live Art Action Research Role Play = LAARRP!
> It sits across all kinds of things.
> Would love your thoughts
> <3
> Ruth
> ========
> Transcultural Data Pact is a game of serious make-believe, in which
> role-play is used to explore how personal and collective data practices and
> devices might shape the attitudes and fortunes of a society. In this
> scenario, an historic trade negotiation is underway between two nations
> with shared ancestry and clashing beliefs.
> Transcultural Data Pact was created as part of Qualified Selves, a
> research project funded by UKRI/EPSRC between the Universities of Edinburgh
> and Lancaster. Exploring how individuals make sense of personal data
> management.
> It was created by Ruth Catlow, DECAL at Furtherfield in collaboration with
> Kate Genevieve, chroma.space, Prof. Chris Speed, Dr Kruakae Pothong,
> Billy Dixon and Dr Evan Morgan from the School of Informatics, University
> of Edinburgh.
> Film by Pete Gomes. Music by Matt Catlow.
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