[NetBehaviour] Very Best Tremolo Concert Harp

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Oct 28 04:52:56 CET 2020

Very Best Tremolo Concert Harp

https://youtu.be/8tzivKYP4pU VIDEO

A few days ago, a Hohner echo harmonica was offered on Craig's
list for thirty dollars. I played one years ago, no longer had
it. So we went out to East Providence and I bought this one. I
didn't realize quite how large and elaborate it is, and possibly
how old. It has four separate keys; I can move from one segment
to another. Everything plays on it. I did some research, and
given the case and construction, it's likely from 1890-1900. It
sounds amazing. I'm playing it delicately, given its age. I'll
rarely use it and might donate it eventually to an instrument
museum if they're interested. The condition is amazing, and it's
clear from the wear on the wood that it's been well-played. I
keep thinking of hymn music. I'm putting up a few images and a
couple of tunes I obviously made up on the run.

Hymns, hymnody, hypnotic, contouring the normative softness of
breath, breathing, nervousnesss, exhileration, anxiety, collapse
in the failed face of God. Breathing makes the music as if
everything worshipped, an uncomfortable image. But the playing of
hymns, that's something else; I lean back on the chair, eyes half
opened, mind half asleep, world collapsed, summoning the Godhead.


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