[NetBehaviour] missing New York

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Oct 30 23:23:38 CET 2020

missing New York

https://youtu.be/-FNJ4u181Gc  video

going over the Manhattan Bridge, can't remember if we were
walking or riding, shattered cubisms, shuttered the future upon
us and blurred, slurry off into an apposite distance, surfaces
dancing in the gray sky on a grey day in the gray sky or maybe
somewhere sometime else some other days or skies

but days, daylight, glimmer of fabric, brilliant

"33. Here I would like to make a general observation concerning
the nature of philosophical problems. Lack of clarity in
philosophy is tormenting. It is felt as shameful. We feel: we do
not know our way about where we _should_ know our way about. And
nevertheless it _isn't_ so. We can get along very well without
these distinctions _abd_ without knowing our way about here."
- Wittgenstein, Remarks on Colour

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