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Look at the glance that the thing makes. Its glance is above or
below. it hesitates with the fingers on or off the neck. As if
it were a different kind of neck. Perhaps his own. It shudders.
It shudders as it tries and then hesitates. It's all about
hesitation. It's about the curtain coming down. It's about
darkness coming in in the form of a slough that makes
everything in the world. This is the kind of hesitation that
only comes beneath the plague. Not within it because within it
everything is already lost. But beneath it when one can just
still reach the strings of the instrument to play it once
again. One last tone. One last time. Or perhaps not. It glances
wearily to the left turns to the right. It's the glancing that
we notice. It's uncanny. It's abject. That's what it is and
that's what's making the sound.


i slowed it up so that the world's evil sloughed off without a
sintered trace, i found notes within thought, among the image,
bringing everything behind to the fore, gathered-gatha gita
dhrupad uyghur dutar, just the moment it gathered together

is a residue or scat sloughed off by centrifugal energy, the
torsion of nothing that is arbitrary or sloughed off. Julu,
nothing skimmed or everywhere, quantum rearrangement sloughed
off at uncanny intervals. tool, sintered dust. that is the
murk, the tawdry, the remnants of swallowed. burled sintered,
where corrugations lose weight weight, give up on you! up art
alto gatha at least make you want to fascinates me, although i
prefer listening to alap and dhrupad - long-necked saz
improvisation, Articles Masahiro Shogaito &amp Abdurishid
Yakup: Four Uyghur frag ments Four Uyghur fragments of
Qian-zi-wen ???Thousand Character Essay??? control and
attempted annihilation of Uyghur culture, our own vocals,
Uyghur dutar We are always gathered together in the true world,
we are and gathered together again with the fold minicomputer.
I produced a number of pieces gathered together in Users,
gathered together in Midnight Protocol, do not be afraid! The
everyday is gathered together in phrases, sentences,
paragraphs... We are always gathered together in the true
world, we are gatherings in firmament midst divide made which
under above so second gathered together We are always gathered
together in the true world, we are gatherings in the true
world, we are skein and membrane, warp of woof of the true
world which is gatherings of gatherings of our gatherings and
of true worlds.

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