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Following Access Space's move online we have two workshops aimed at visual
artists wanting to explore the world of coding as a way to create amazing
The first, next week, with workshop leader Antonio Roberts, looks at real
time creation using browser based improvisational software for live
performance. The second, the week after, led by artist Toni Buckby, looks
at the world of Processing as an environment to make your ideas come alive.

Creating amazing improvised visuals in real time for live performance.
Livecoding Visuals Workshop with Antonio Roberts

Saturday 12 September, 1pm-3pm, £17

Improviz is an environment built by Guy John aka Rumblesan, which can be
used for live coding visual performances. Its easy-to-learn language for
creating visuals can be extended through the use of custom GL shaders and
by using your own GIFs, 3D models and image textures.

This two-hour workshop, led by visual artist Antonio Roberts aka
hellocatfood, will introduce you to the world of live coding, and guide you
through the basics of using Improviz for live visuals.
This workshop will also include a short look at how artists and musicians
use code to make visuals and music in real time at Algoraves.
If you've ever been curious about using code to make live visuals and have
aspirations to perform at live coding events and Algoraves then this
workshop is perfect for you.
No coding experience is necessary.
Book a place here

About Antonio Roberts

Antonio Roberts is an artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. His
practices explore what ownership and authorship mean in an age impacted by
digital technology.
His work has been featured at galleries and festivals including databit.me
in Arles, France (2012), Glitch Moment/ums at Furtherfield Gallery, London
(2013), Loud Tate: Code at Tate Britain (2014), glitChicago at the
Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago, US (2014), Permission Taken
at Birmingham Open Media and University of Birmingham (2015-2016), Common
Property at Jerwood Arts, London (2016), Ways of Something at Whitney
Museum of American Art, New York (2017), Green Man Festival, Wales (2017),
Barbican, London (2018), Copy / Paste at the Victoria and Albert Museum
(2019) and We Are Your Friends at Czurles Nelson Gallery, Buffalo, US
He has curated exhibitions and projects including GLI.TC/H Birmingham
(2011), the Birmingham editions of Bring Your Own Beamer (2012, 2013),
Stealth (2015), and No Copyright Infringement Intended (2017), and Copy
Paste (2020). He is part of a-n's Artist Council, is an Artist Advisor for
Jerwood Arts and from 2014 - 2019 he was Curator at Vivid Projects where he
produced the Black Hole Club artist development programme.
Website: https://hellocatfood.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hellocatfooood
YouTube: https://youtube.com/hellocatfood

Processing - an introductory workshop with Toni Buckby

An introduction to coding with Processing for the visual arts

Saturday 19 September, 1pm-4pm, £17

Join artist Toni Buckby (www.tonibuckby.com) for this introductory online
workshop in Processing - a flexible software sketchbook and a language for
learning how to code within the context of the visual arts.

Learn the basics of programming in Java and make interactive visuals and

This session is suitable for beginners and more experienced coders. Please
install the Processing IDE (instructions will be sent before the workshop
and help will be available during the session).

Book a place here

For more info please email jake at access-space.org

The arts programme at Access Space is supported with public money by the
National Lottery through Arts Council England.


All the best

Jake Harries, Director of Arts and Innovation
www.access-space.org  +44(0)114 249 5522
@accessspace facebook.com/accessspace
3-7 Sidney St, Sheffield, S1 4RG, UK
jake at access-space.org
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