[NetBehaviour] Monsters of the Machine and Children of Prometheus, Reading Materials.

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Hi Marc,

This is interesting; I've read many of these books, not so much of the
commentaries. Science magazine, by the way, had a whole special issue
devoted to the book - the first time, as far as I know, that they've done
this with any cultural artifact. It was a few years ago; I think I have the
issue here somewhere (I've gone to virtual with them since). As you know,
my own work has been dealing with extremis, although it predates the
pandemic; semantic ghosting is the body at the vertex of the machine, the
biologic mush at the beginning and end of representations and receptions
before and during the rise and plateau of machine consciousness. I loved
among other things seeing the covers. I still tend to read my theory/work
offline; I find the ability to quickly move back and forth through a book
is faster for me than parsing a file. There's something about the body of a
book that I've thought about, but others have probably written far better
than I could on that, and I'm always aware of being taken for an
antiquarian. Looking forward to the book!

Best, Alan

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> Monsters of the Machine and Children of Prometheus, Reading Materials.
> During the last 8 months or so, I have been working on a new book with
> co-editor Yiannis Colakides. It's called Frankenstein Reanimated:
> Conversations with Artists in Dystopian Times.
> However, before compiling the materials for this book I had already
> been in deep research, discovering numerous: emotional, historical,
> social, psychological, technological, feminist, and political
> contexts, which influenced Mary Shelley's ideas. Reading these
> materials has been a joy and immensely valuable, offering much
> knowledge and insight. Shelley’s classic, Gothic horror and science
> fiction novel, has inspired millions since it was written over 200
> years ago in 1816, and its first anonymously published release, in
> London in 1818.
> I just wanted to share these books with you, because even though many
> of them were written years ago, they still matter and we still have a
> hell of a lot to learn from them - in fact, more than ever now.
> https://marcgarrett.org/2020/09/02/monsters-of-the-machine-and-children-of-prometheus-reading-materials/
> Wishing you well.
> Marc
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