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One probability is that intelligence on earth mutates into blind worms not that different to maggots, only much larger. This super larvae stage will be swimming around in a sort of viscous mucus, made from tiny nano-bots. The tiny machines, no bigger than atoms, will repair the maggot, ensuring thousands of years of longevity. 

Like a hive, Earth will have fostered an egalitarian society, a hive mind where we all share the same thoughts and experiences, but we still have some mind of our own. In fact we will be able to opt out as much or as little as we wish. 

Connected by electro-magnetic fields, we’ll be able to tap into the awesome trip which will consist of quite entertaining psychedelic patterns, shapes and forms — essentially we will literally dream a kind of technicolour reality a bit like a painting by Remedios Varo or Max Ernst, but hopefully not Heironymous Bosch — eek. There’ll be poetry, singing and virtual croquet on the nano-lawns. 

Some of the maggots will be renegade and go through pupae stage eventually to emerge as giant blue and green iridescent metallic dragonflies.... but will have lost their minds and will fly up up up and away to be burned by the then, well toxic atmosphere of poison gas and radiation from the sun. Nice poetic ending though init...


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