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love the writing hope it goes on and this becomes a 'homeric' epic in which
heroes and heroines and other sexualities are coagulations overlapping,
melding... no radiations but absorptions...

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> One probability is that intelligence on earth mutates into blind worms not
> that different to maggots, only much larger. This super larvae stage will
> be swimming around in a sort of viscous mucus, made from tiny nano-bots.
> The tiny machines, no bigger than atoms, will repair the maggot, ensuring
> thousands of years of longevity.
> Like a hive, Earth will have fostered an egalitarian society, a hive mind
> where we all share the same thoughts and experiences, but we still have
> some mind of our own. In fact we will be able to opt out as much or as
> little as we wish.
> Connected by electro-magnetic fields, we’ll be able to tap into the
> awesome trip which will consist of quite entertaining psychedelic patterns,
> shapes and forms — essentially we will literally dream a kind of
> technicolour reality a bit like a painting by Remedios Varo or Max Ernst,
> but hopefully not Heironymous Bosch — eek. There’ll be poetry, singing and
> virtual croquet on the nano-lawns.
> Some of the maggots will be renegade and go through pupae stage eventually
> to emerge as giant blue and green iridescent metallic dragonflies.... but
> will have lost their minds and will fly up up up and away to be burned by
> the then, well toxic atmosphere of poison gas and radiation from the sun.
> Nice poetic ending though init...
> Simon
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