[NetBehaviour] chirp .... chirp .... chirp .... chirp

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Sep 3 03:42:16 CEST 2020

chirp .... chirp .... chirp .... chirp

https://youtu.be/MCKO-EVyuXE video

yesterday or was it the day before i heard chirping
for the first time in many many days was it a cricket
it must have been somewhere in well it was night we
did our sometimes walk two times a week for the most
part just 'around' as they say concrete and asphalt
in the corner of a lot or a wall i don't remember
some rubble a few weeds and some trash it was almost
pitch dark did i say it was night and i made a video
and nothing showed on the screen or playback you can
see in the central tiny section that nothing passes
for nature here what else could it be but the dark
ness of the ununited states of mind of this place we
live in forgive me it was night and i made a video
and couldn't see azure saying that's a cricket i
think i see it and i made a video and chirp ....
chirp .... chirp loud and clear almost no image i'm
sure i said it was night later i processed the image
and some unworldly shapes came through ... puckers
... or some such perhaps cans or condoms in the
corner of what may have been a parking lot or
passage i don't remember what surprised me was my
surprise my astonishment in the midst of unutterable
sadness hearing the sound of a cricket something in
other times other places other countries i would
take for granted such sweetness i cannot tell you
and knowing we are already gone from here and did
i tell you it was night


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