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So when Bronwen was in Italy she hooked up with a one Leonardo, inventor. She posed for him for a painting he was working on, and in return he invented her a couple of gizmos, a sort of wi-fi setup - didn’t work - but he had the idea it would work if he only had all the bits and a decent power source, duck lard didn’t stand up.

Anyway there was that and a helicopter chair thing latched onto her breastplate and she could stash the scabbard for the broadsword, came with dongle, straps, a flask for coffee and this time it worked good. 

She could reconnoiter the territories and also give the nag a break - he was well cheesed off with the whole affair and flat refused to go another inch - bit like that old horse in that Bela Tarr film about potatoes and apocalypses - anyway unless he got a decent feed and a proper rest up he was a non-starter. 

This drawing was Leonardo’s take on an engine-of-war, for breaking into castles, also doubles as a cat flap.



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