[NetBehaviour] The Session

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Sep 7 02:45:26 CEST 2020

The Session

https://youtu.be/OZQ8zjCii8M VIDEO (best with earphones!)

Azure Carter, songs, voice, video, stills
Ed Schneider, alto saxophone
Alan Sondheim, viola braguesa, bass recorder, flute, violin

Recorded in a single session, including "World" and "Blue"
The audio is in order; the video is not
The video is expanded to 1/3 normal speed
Recorded from Minneapolis and Providence, edited in Providence

This is our fourth improvisation session and our best;
I wanted to give an idea of the aesthetics and mechanics
of the whole. It's about 22 minutes in length; all of the
recorded music is included. You might play this as background
or foreground, you might listen carefully or not at all.
I'm personally thrilled with the result.

Thanks to Rachel Rosenkrantz for the viola braguesa and
Dennis McCarten for work on the violin.

Music keeps us going, please listen; of course you can skip

Thanks, Alan


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