[NetBehaviour] So this is what happened... L and B

Simon Mclennan mclennanfilm at gmail.com
Mon Sep 7 23:11:16 CEST 2020

Link to the accompanying drawing https://www.instagram.com/p/CC6RfWJnDEv/

So this is what happened — 

That week Leonardo had been experimenting with using naturally occurring hallucinogens found in plants and fungi. He found that they could be used in his research into different, novel forms of transport. So far the helicopter and the various desert craft had been a grand success, in fact his partnership with B and a couple of other knights and particularly the Cathar connection, had resulted in a surplus of cash— a few chests of ducets; several boxes of precious and semi-precious stones now being stashed in  the outhouse and the stoatery. 

So anyway, back to the trippy stuff (in both senses of the term ha ha). L realised that you could use the soma juice combined with ergot and shrooms, as a new way to power his latest land yacht/wagon/RV. By using several tens of thousands of bees in a sort of lattice super-hive built into the frame, that produced honey and royal jelly in copious amounts which, after combination with the vibrations from a theorbo lute playing certain coloured chords and contrapuntal movement in a clockwise motion, the travellers in the vehicle upon drinking the psychedelic concoction would travel to the pre-programmed destination ie they travelled in their collective consciousness. 

This was good in two ways: one- it meant there were less costs involved ie bed and board and sightseeing trips which can be quite dear, and two- you got there always in under 45, maybe 50 mins tops! Cos the speed of the trip coming on was always around that time. This meant it took the same time to go to the local pub as it took to go to Bangkok, Madrid or the Moon or Venus for that matter... Put it this way, you could do the whole shebang, free tea and coffee, all snacks and meals inclusive, sketches of sights you’d seen and samples of local wine and cheeses for two forints or forty quid in new money!



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