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It's not easy to tell where nature ends and the architecture begins due to the helicity, and diamonds.

I've been trying to figure out today if there is a waterfall, bridge and a stream in this drawing L did two short years before no longer residing with his feet on this terra firma:


Historians say it is Matelda pointing Dante to the mysterious realms of inferno, purgatorio, and paradiso but then they say it isn't.  So who knows what it is, they say.

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Link to the drawing https://www.instagram.com/p/CBAfdMonkE_/

So it turned out that Leonardo also composed music, and knowing quite a few excellent court musicians and the like he penned avant garde pieces well ahead of their time. For instance L. wrote a piece for theorbo the long-necked lute, that sounded like Sonny Sharrock, insanely intense at times, at others gentle like the riffling of reeds by a pond.

On a side note: ermine (White stoat) were kept essentially to supply the trim in capes and dresses etc but often became pets hence the phrase was coined 'when are you takin the stoats out you lazy …?’  It wasn’t unusual to see L. out with a pack of 20 stoats or more, all on leads!

This was the stoat house he invented in the garden of his maisonette.

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