[NetBehaviour] visitation

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Sep 17 18:37:07 CEST 2020



Becomes old hat . It becomes old hat . It becomes old hat. Too
much of music. Too much of the kind of music thing. I wonder if
this is recording. I wonder if there's a leak in the insulation
on the wire . I wonder if there's a buzz caused by the leak on
the period insulation . I wonder if you will enjoy this period or
will you think this is just the same thing all over again.
Perhaps this is the same thing all over again. In which case it's
relatively obtrusive or creating a sense of perplexity yes the
language becomes more complicated as I try to think my way out of
the box where I am writing this period What is this when I think
of this becoming or something more to the point of what to say
is. If you listen to the music you will hear my breathing.
breathing is a good thing. brezing makes sounds. When I no longer
breathe I will no longer makes sound. we are breathing here and
the air is not clear. but it is clearer than the best out west.
out our west. Freezing is a breeze here it is a wind. but it is
not the wind of storm or the window violence period or the wind
of death. Is it the wind of something else. What it is I wake up
in the middle of the night having violent dreams almost every
night now. O community of dreams. O short time. O live. I go to
the soccer hatschi and I play. It cut out now is cut out a kind
of dream of the world shuttering to a halt. What I say shatters.
It does not spel. It says here this application does not really
support dictation. So I will not dictate. I will pretend to
dictate. I am just to myself. No one is here in my brain. No one
is here anywhere period I forget what music is doing. I forget if
it is music. If where are music. I remember my name but I will
not speak it. I will not speak anything that makes me live. I am
not live talking. I am not talking live. I am not. I will play
music and that will carry only my name. You are listening to alan
on time. You are a listening to nothing . You are a listening. O
you. O for you. O I will stop now and you hear this to the fire
next time . . . . . .

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