[NetBehaviour] rise, endure

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Sep 18 04:42:16 CEST 2020

rise, endure

https://youtu.be/x5OlXJLFgWk video, earphones or great speakers
http://www.alansondheim.org/tune.mp3 small tune later

I wanted to prove to myself that I still was able to play quickly
I'm fiercely like I always had wanted to play. But this had
proved impossible so I built up to this . So this is a half hour
improvisation of playing at full speed for me the entire time.
I've never done this before. It was like climbing a mountain. It
was like a bicycle race. It was fierce speed the entire way. This
is what I was working on . And my nails show that my hands show
that period this is what I've been thinking about and working
towards maybe all my life. to do something I had never been able
to do before. to play music like this period in solitude. Now
that this is done you can listen to the results . I should add
this is the raw track. No sweetening, no echo. Just the sound of
it at the time of it, that's all. I should add this is guitar.
from me I've never heard anything like it. I'm entitled to boast.
I have one the king of the mountain. And now I go down into the
Valley with the despair that produce this originated . But this
is what's left at the top so that although I may not remember
what day it is I can always remember this event of music that I
never dreamed I would be able to do. I don't want to imitate you.
I don't want to imitate anyone. I don't expect you to like this.
It's not something I might like if I wasn't in the middle of it.
But I was in the middle of it. I had to follow it where it went.
I could do where it went when it was time to. It was always a
fierce time. I was alone with it. I crawled inside of it. I was
furious and blessed with it. I answered to no one. If I wanted to
stop it beckoned me forward. If it went forward it wasn't enough.
It was tawdry and you most likely will hate it. Or drop it
somewhere on the way to somewhere else. Me, I feel different. But
then with the epidemic, who knows how I feel? Who knows how
anyone feels? And I did this, whatever it is. So this is talking
into the machine. And we all do this.

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