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This looks super interesting Alan!  Many thanks for posting, and for other such calls in the past.

Quick note on the editorial group:  https://eventalaesthetics.net/editorial-board/

I don't know most of the names, some sound familiar (Carvalho, Xenakis?), but their areas of interest are very diverse and intriguing.  James Camien McGuiggan lists R.G. Collingwood, who I happened to read a tiny bit of back in the mists of time when I visited Cambridge UK in 1991 and audited a course on aesthetics by J.P. Casey.  Wittgenstein's lectures on aesthetics were a topic, as well as Collingwood's idea of "question and answer," which he compared to the playing of a musical instrument (rather than as an acquisition of fact data) in his Autobiography.  I quoted the Collingwood often in grad school in the context of the Frankfurt school and other communication-oriented ideas so definitely an influence.  Something nice to revisit for an article or "collision" -- that is an interesting event/enactment way of framing a piece of writing I think.

I can't find Collingwood's Autobiography online to buy, so will have to dig in my ancient basement among the relics.  Always a fun process, not sure why!  🙂

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Check this out, on the Aesthetics of Pandemics, call for papers from Evental Aesthetics -

Evental Aesthetics is an independent, double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to
philosophical and aesthetic intersections. The journal is open-access, and there are no
publication fees. The editors seek submissions for a special issue in early 2021.

Thanks, Alan -

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