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Link to the drawings https://www.instagram.com/p/CFowLf8nanT/?igshid=t657b8q9tsvm

‘Fundamentally flawed’ declared B, and curled her top lip a tiny bit managing to disguise it as an impending sneeze, which she pretended to suppress with her delicate, rose tipped pinky.

Leonardo merely snorted and proceeded to pull both of the two strings that were attached to the great bag of apples hanging above the sort of funnel contraption which itself was attached to a long pointy leaf shaped sledge-cum-chariot.

The apples cascaded down into the shoe/chariot with a great rumbling, there were so many of them. 

‘Jimmy crack crikey!’ Exclaimed B as the shoe began to vibrate, then shake and then settle into a gentle purr.

‘Put the navigation hat on’ advised L and he handed over the strange thing quite carefully to B. 

‘This’n here bonnet is wot you’s is gonna need to a navigate a path and be directional and correct wise in all calculations regarding the slug-sledge’

B took the bonnet and placed it straight on top her head.

The hat was like a big glass dish with a ribbon to attach. Inside it contained water and what looked like three terrapin. These were swimming about. 

‘The terrapin’s feets will a tickle yorn scalp and stimulate your cerebrum grey matter inducing semi-epileptic fits, these will guide your thoughts in the direction of travel’

‘Ta very much I’m sure’  

B felt the hat tilt a bit, some water splashed out, and one of the little turtles seemed to burp and croak oddly.

She stood straight trying to angle her eyes up through the glassy brim at the little paddlers. She began to feel hot, then cold, then her toes started to curl inside her long, metal armoured shoes and she began to lift into the air.

Later on in the week Leonardo and Bron took

A trip to Morocco. They bought some carpets to put in the craft. Also some Persian type slippers and some incense, bells, a couple of old, interesting looking books, a small palm tree in a pot and a couple of miniature carved dolphins with green crystalline manes and tails. 

The terrapins frolicked in the water, squirting little fountains and gurgling while B examined her dolphin tails, feeling the exquisitely carved manes so delicate and cleverly made.

‘Got to get down big J soon. Couer de Leon isn be expectant I be there for the big fight, bash and brawl with yon Saracen archers and like. Innum! But I’s more liken trip me back up Belfast way, dive deep thems oyster beds ‘n check for London, makum travel time coast again init old Leo my good mate!’

She flashed the old smile, all pretty, and only marred slightly by the one missing tooth and the smattering of gold ingots in the back.

‘Sure ting init we can make the trip and be back in time for the big meet up in Jerusalem Castle and all day ting’

‘Ok, I’ll grab the coffee pot and the hampers when we get back. You pack the trendy gear, all that green crushed velvet and that well good straw hat I love, plus the big orange trench coat, which should look great on the Kings Rd. I want to have fun!’

L rolled his eyes a tiny bit, but couldn’t suppress a grin and fell back in the lush carpets and cushions and whistled his fave Marianne Faithful tune ‘this little bird, that lives on the wind..’ he felt nostalgic, and rubbed his chin, thinking of something or other, or nothing very particular, but definitely something attractively apposite — something about sunny and windy cliffs with peewits crying and Blue bird’s eggs in amongst thistle down and dry white sand blowing across a small beach... 

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