[NetBehaviour] lying on my back i never thought this would happen

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Apr 4 02:19:24 CEST 2021

lying on my back i never thought this would happen


to join them: the dead plateaus. we cannot answer 'what of
them?'. this is a matter of geography and mensuration. i am
sitting in an automobile showcase shop waiting for a repairman
to tell us what is wrong with our car. it drove us here for
that purpose. it may well be the driveshaft.today we will
thank the gratitude of our ancestors and their incandescent
language which has silenced us this very day. and then what of
it? those will be our last words here in the icu - 'what of
it?'taking: our temperature, stature, blood pressure,
weighthood, blood type, dna, stature, nature of the cough or
constant weepiness. our beautiful plateau!!
i can breathe again thank you nurses and doctors
i can hardly breathe in the icu

everyone i know is gone now, some have been pushed off a
cliff, some drowned, some burned out. they are shooting from
the air. some seem complicit. what is happening to this
world.has the world always been thus. if i am not for myself,
who then. if not now, when. if not here, where. if not breath,
death. if not roads, woods. if not rivers, barrens. my posture
always bends in view of raw power. i am abject among the
powerful. i once believed sex ran the world, then i believed
it was a fist. now i believe that fist holds a gun. now i know
that gun runs everything. what is even possible. what is a
gun. a gun is a tube. a tube cries for the specificity of
every portent.on the plateau i am frightened. what is fear but
visibility. to be visible is to be marked, demarcated,
labeled, consumed. to be consumed is to lose the papers of
one's identity. identity rides on paper. the document tells me
that.everyone with 'd' in their name is to be slaughtered.
this is a trick on death to be sure. death will be slaughtered
and we will escape through the icu, intensive care unit, back
into the world. god has told me so. she has told me many
things. she does not want me on the plateau. nor my valley nor
my mountains nor my family in the mountains.the plateau is
shattered. look: you can't cross. you can't go anywhere. i
will ride a horse my companion. our lives are plateaued.yes,
exactly, what you tell me: our limbs are broken, our eyes are
dead. we will join you now. we will multiply and eat
everything. we will consume. we will be consumed but not just
yet. not at this date and place and this time. but soon.we
have learned always to smile and be agreeable. wouldn't you
agree? what else is there in the world but to be agreeable.
the woods are agreeable. even the plateaus are agreeable.
there are so many of them! each more beautiful and sensuous
than the others!i notice the rim of the plateau, the plateau
where we are now, is dark, as if curled, as if a lip or nub.
tomorrow we will inspect.the numbers: I, II, IV, IX, L, C, M,
so many others. what are the words they make? from what worlds
have we inherited them?

echo "i can hardly breathe in the icu "
echo "lying on my back i never thought this would happen"
  -- "please help in messy description" 0 0
  -- "dirty up there down there around there" 0 0
  -- "what is other down there gleams smirks settles" 0 0
  -- "where lays desires pooled and dried" 0 0
  -- "chosen as skin meat or dark world neighbor
  -- "you fall into skin word world posture" 0 0
  -- "your posture betrays" 0 0
  -- "your posture abandons you" 0 0
  -- "making your deathyard birthyard plateau now" 0 0
  -- "are you in your plateau do you ride it" 0 0
  -- "the parts of your murkbow now" 0 0
  -- "parts of your murkbow plateau now?" 0 0
  -- "write your dirtiness of death now" 0 0
  -- "shattered plateau broken death now" 0 0
  -- "breathing shattered broken death now" 0 0
  -- "broken limbs dead eyes i will join you now" 0 0
  -- "from what war what torture what you now"  0 0
  -- "writhing dead plateaus now now now" 0 0
  -- "are the dead dirty are you dirty dirty dead" 0 0
  -- "what brutal happens happen to you now" 0 0
  -- "can you write writhe now weep now now now now" 0 0
  -- "return to your body thornlamp there" 0 0
  -- "withdraw your body deadlamp there" 0 0
  -- "coming and going now now dead now coming now now" 0 0
  -- "coming from the other dying in the other now now" 0 0
  -- "taking" 0 0
  -- "so worn this taking dead murkbow death now" 0 0
  -- "armor" 0 0
echo "i can breathe again thank you nurses and doctors"
echo "i can breathe again thank you nurses and doctors"
echo "i can breathe again thank you nurses and doctors"


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