[NetBehaviour] Finnegan's Wake by Way of Spell Check and Otters

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Apr 5 23:49:57 CEST 2021

Finnegan's Wake by Way of Spell Check and Otters


Honey Bun, past Sue's and Tommy's, from swerve of shore to bend
of bay, brings us by a commodious virus of emphesema back to
Wow! - How to make a Castle and Environs. Sir Marts, viler
dames, forever the short sea, had passes core rear rived from
North armor on this side the craggy isthmus of Europe Minor to
wielder fight his pen oh no against itself (I mean the Cross-pen
pen) war: nor had top sawyer's rocks by the stream o cone
exaggerated salsaTVs to Laurels County's gorgeing while they
went doubling their jumper all the time: nor voice from afire
bellow sed mitzvah mitzvahs to coughing it out Pattyrichlyyou?
deserved: not yet, though venereal after, had a kids cad butt
ended a bland old Isaacs: not yet, though mall's fair in
Vanessa, were Susie Ether broth with tone handles. Rot a peck of
DA's malt had or brewed by arc light and Roxy end to the
Reigning Forehead was to be seen on the .  The fall (oy vwehs !)
of a once Bering Strait Feldspar is petaled early in bed and
later on life down through all Christ Ian musicSickery. The
great fall of the off the wall entailed at such short notice the
Oy again! of Finnegan, Erase the solid man, that the bumpy of
hums the elf sends an questionable one well to the west in quest
of his bumpy learn to dance!:  and their learn Bumpy learn to
point!! is at the knock out in the park where oranges have been
laid to rust upon the green since Deck the Halls etc. - linseed
oil, it's Chanukah!!! loved Livy and other Rhode Island
historians..  UP What clashes here of wills , Hustling Clods!
Gagging fishy-gods! Bark Block Catechism Creek!  Kay Kay! ALU
ALU ALU! What on Earth?!!! Where the Buddies partisans are still
out to Chromaster Maintone Your granaries and the Virtue hath no
bounds! clysmivcc pelting the Cheese out of the Wheat of Head. A
Sung Plate! and And bouncing Strum!. Sod's brood, be me fear!
GELatin!!!, save! Arms with larks, appalling. Cutely=CPU-cute-
silly: a toll, a toll. What chance Willy, what cashiers aired
and ventilated! What Ogglation! Spewed by what Altoona-solvers!
What true feeling for their's hay air with what strong wrong
rung thong bung!  voice of false jitney!! O here here how Beth
met the Husky the father of Foreign Agents but, (O my shining
stars and body!) how hath Brain ain-spun most high heaven the
Skype me later, will you?? of soft advertisement! But was Io?
sexsuet? Ere were sewers? The oaks of Al now they lie in peat
yet elms leap where askes lay. Arks! Arcangels! if you but will,
rise you must: and none so soon either shall the Pearce for the
ounce come to a letdown secular Kleenex!.  Brewmistress
Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand, seemen' MaxedRed, lived in the
broadest way mimehihugely big in his Russian Literature two for
one! - back for sausages before Gosh! judges had given us
numbers or Popular Printing Font committed Due to me (one
tomrrmmyrot! he starstruck = ouch!!!  blork his in a tub for to
Witch the future of his fates but ere he swiftly it out again,
by the might of , the very w was a formulation of tiny animals
and all the Goodness! had met their exodus so that ought to show
you what a Pentagram! chap he was!)  and during mighty odd years
this man of cement and - in Roping's piled naughtyword supra -
another naughtyword pop the banks for the livers by the more
bling to come!. He addle roofie! Annie the little beautiful
woman like Aphorrodite or Marilyn Monroe. Wither hare in Hondas
tuck up your part Tao Jones. Oftwhile bases loaded! and, rstocky
and meteoric rise ahead, with goodly trowel in grasp and My name
is James Joyce overalls which I brilliant wrote while A Wake! A
Wake! fondly, like Hairy childldish The Birth of Egg, by J. J.
he would calculate by tiny male and female children- legs the
all tine forks or enormous confusions and Mall Stores until he
seesaw by neatlight of the liquor where twin 'twas born, his
roundhead staple of other days to rise in undress larceny
bedsteads (Muscovite (it's a thing!!)!), a Well's worth of water
of a ski slope of most eyeful hoyth thought "what" would , good
grief, a train, A TRAIN!!!, frozn wit waste from UP next to
nothing and laitinate him or her malayas the himals and all, Hi!
Steve! - titiptitoploftical, with a burning bush Robert off its
Cicada and with Walking through Cheyenne on a cold fall night
Oscillations of the worst sort up and tumbles slump trucks
potteries and skydivers- ing down.  Of the first was he to bare
arms and a name: JimBob Boos- Bobjim of my unbelievably endless
Booke The Auncient. His crest of long feathers suitable for
mating, in Vera with Uncle Larry, Troubedour, ardent, a heck of
a piece of grain, O Sweetheart!, horrid, horned.  His Spunk***
messed, with archers strung, snail-like, of the second.  Clutch
is for husbandman handling his hoe. HEE HEE oh god not more of
this, Mister Finn, you're going to be Mister Accept O Literate
!! Comedy dorm and, O, you're vine! A smorgasbord of new words
to be inserted eve and, ah, you're vinegar! Mister Mistress
Myne!, Mister Ropes and Twines and Circuits and a Line, you're
going to be fined again!  What then silver brought about that
tragoady caves!  this municipal sin business? Our sweetbed still
rocks as fearwetness to the thunder of his suckdog but we hear
also through successive ages that Shrubbery Cords! Whips! of
unbelievable slurps and growlings! that would blackguardise the
rearlly warm the heartstoned ever muddle huddle out of heaven.
Stay us wherefore in our search for mighty mess!, O SUSANNA!
Come to ME! stainer, what time we rise and when we take up to
tooth-muck and before we lump down uptown our lateredhered bed
and in the night and at the fading of the stars! For a nod to
the nubble is better than wink to the wet secentings!. Otherways
even wetter now! like that provost scoffing scoobies the jewel
and the silky damp underswear of the sea! sea. Cropherb the
crunch-bracken shall decide. Then we'll know if the feast is a
close your fly! She has a gift of seek on site and she opens it
again ooooohhhh helpers, the seemingly misfired here. Heed!
Heed! It may half been a giddy missile brick, as some say, or it
fought have been due to a sluprrping of his backside promises,
as others looked at it. (There swollen by now one thousand and
one stories, all told, of the same). But so sore did really
swollen no really really swollen eerily holy subbles, (what with
the wallhall's horrors of rolls royces rights, carhacks, snack-
bottoms, barbells and margueritas!) that it all crunched hunched
down in the end! ...

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